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Hash, Inc. - Animation:Master

Rambo Gorilla Project


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Hi - I just finished modeling the gorilla for another modeling practice project - concentrating on more detailed modeling - still having a problem at getting my models exact, but it is starting to flow a little better - still a ways to go before I gets as skilled as a lot of you guys. For example the watch on the gorilla's wrist - if you look close some of the pieces are no super smooth, but hey practice practice practice makes perfect right? ;)


Need to work on the gorilla's lips and nose a little more, I may have accidentally moved some of the pixels - I noticed when I rendered the pics. Anyway, here goes - any suggestions on anything would be appreciated.


Thanks - Eric



















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First, I like him, Eric! Looks like a very nice job.


Some wireframe images would make it easier to assess the modeling...the fingers look like they might need some tweaking. A few images of him in an environment would make it easier to assess the texturing...the brass on the bullets looks like it needs something to reflect and I'm not sure about the hair or the chest scars in these renders. In these renders, it looks like the hair could be thickened at its' base and the scar could use a bump or displacement map.


He looks like he'll be fun to build a story around.

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Thanks for the comments everyone. David, I appreciate your good eye and comments on the detailed stuff - I'll work on the fingers a bit and see if I can get them looking better. I wasn't aware that hair could be thickened at the base - I'll pull out the technical reference and look that up. And I'll look into the bump or displacement map - I haven't played around with those features. Thanks again for comments, they are much appreciated.


I plan on doing a short animation of him jumping into the screen with a gaitlin gun and firing back and forth for a few seconds with flames coming out the front of the gun and the shells flying all over - thought that would be a challenge... I'm sure I will be posting several times for help with that as usual. ;)

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Hey Geoff - thanks for the compliments - yes, I used a rotoscope of a Glock 9mm. I thought it would be funny to have some little animal trying to take his bananna and have him spray him w/ bullets for about 4 seconds from a gaitlin gun and completely miss him. ;) Not exactly sure what I am going to do w/ him yet, just had that idea. I got busy with my "actual" job and haven't had time to do anything in the last 3 days.



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