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did a quick test of radiosity with a flare

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Had never tried radiosity so decide to try to see how it would react to a flare...part of the weird results might be the ball is reflective but definite not real results

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Are we seeing 'this'?



I'm not john, but no, the poke-a-dotted look is not what you're looking at; that comes from having to small a sample area. What you're seeing is totally different. There is a very strange anomaly that occurs when rendering radiosity, which is more noticable in closed off scenes. If you have immensely bright lights, you will eventually start to see actual shapes appear in the photon patterns that look like objects in your scene, almost like a mirror.


It's easily fixable by turning jitter to full.

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Thanks for the info ..This was a quick idea since I have never tried radiosity before..lots to learn ..will have to play some more



pumped up some of the values and got this mini qt




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