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  1. Hi everyone! Does anyone know why I'm getting distortion when I render? jug.avi jug.prj
  2. I didn't get an activation code. Edit: Nevermind. I found it. r
  3. Hi, I hate to post this but emails to support@hash.com are getting kicked back as undeliverable. On Apr 8th I purchased a year’s subscription but don’t know how to activate it. My copy of A:M has now expired. What can I do? Rusty rusty@sd.znet.com
  4. Hi! Been enjoying playing with A:M again. However, ran into a stupid problem. I’m in the chor and I want to create a path to animate an object along and I can’t find the path tool!!?? I can picture the tool icon in my head…I’m I thinking of another program??!! Am I nuts? Confused, Rusty
  5. Rob your the best!!! I'll check these out. Rusty An ad for my scifi books I made in AM. ExplorerTwoAd.mp4
  6. Hi Rob! Yeah, I remember the plugin from long ago it was pretty cool. I'm sure I have it on my desktop but the disk went out. Probably wouldn't work anymore. Rig the legs? Yes and I don't remember how!! I've decided just to pose the beast not animate it.I need to grab the end of the bone chain and move the entire bone chain from there. Kinematic something??? Rusty
  7. Hi, I need to animate long tentacles waving like an Octopus under water. There use to be a plug-in to assist with this. Anyone remember what it was and if it’s still available? Thanks, Rusty
  8. Ah... nice! I always wanted to construct a galaxy using particle systems. Been working all night on social media marketing for my books...what a monster. Rather be in A:M. r
  9. Rob, I'm sure you could tell me how to do this in A:M too. Basketball0.mp4
  10. I can't seem to get it, have QT (not pro) but the upgrade link is broken??? r
  11. Rob, Here's what I came up with...it good enough for my blog post. Now if I just knew more about containers and codec. To get a good mp4 I have to upload avi to YouTube and then download it. I wish I knew what YouTube's settings were and how to convert to them. Rusty Basketball.mp4
  12. Rob, Your the best!! How is Hash doing? I have Maya, Softimage and Blender and still A:M is my work horse. It's just so much easier. Rusty
  13. Robert, Thank you for all the effort you put into that. Definitely new stuff to me. I writing a blog post on relativity and length contraction and I want to show a spinning basketball flattened in the direction of travel...if that makes sense. I'll spin the basketball in AM and flatten the animation in AE. Fun stuff. Thanks! Rusty
  14. There was a formula you could enter that kept it spinning or rotating. Any ideas? Rusty
  15. Hi, I know how to create the sphere, lol, but how do I make it spin evenly? A formula? Thanks for any help, Rusty PS: I use to know how to do this stuff, use it of lose it.
  16. Rob' Thanks for the kind words. And you know what, lol…I don’t remember how I did any of it! Time to roll up my sleeves. Know a good tutorial on hair? Rusty
  17. Hi! This model was created many years ago and originally the eyebrows were dark brown and not so long (before image…the head hair is left out of now image). Don’t get me wrong lol, …I kind of like the new look! Still, anyone know what the problem might be? Maybe something added to hair systems along the way or, when passing through decals hair now reacts somehow? I’ve not dealt with hair systems in years, lol…I had hoped never to deal with them again. ☹ Thanks, Rusty
  18. David, Just looking into how it works...don't want to change anything. The engineer in me. BTW, exception job. r
  19. Hi, Re the face controls…the nulls in boxes drawn via splines…what keeps the nulls within the spline boxes???? Where do I find it? I thought it would be bone translation limits but no…nothing’s set there. What, LOL, and where the heck is it???? Thanks, Rusty
  20. Rob, Thanks for all the trouble you went to…I knew about this but thanks for the effort anyway. Actually, I should have stated that I was looking for a shortcut…like maybe importing an action into the pose relationship (unfortunately I don’t see that option). If the keyframes were just muscle and/or bone but mine also included pose slider settings some these controlling other poses…a bit of a mess, LOL. I got it all copied over, but thanks again for your time. Rusty
  21. Can I turn an action into a percentage pose and if so, how? I think I need to take the basic tuts again. 8-o Rusty
  22. Hello all, All of Virtualmedia's models are just heads, below the neck is wardrobe. I wound up using the TMS rig for wardrobe and I guess the Squetch rig (?) for the head. Thanks for the info Robert. Hi John--I used pose slides too when I used the older lip sync (I use Osipa method now). Imagine having to make and use pose sliders for a walk cycle...for myself this easier faster and more natural looking. Thanks, Rusty
  23. Hi, I haven’t done much with A:M for years. I need to install a head control rig like the one I installed on the model in the attached image (don’t remember if it has a name) on other models but…lol, that was years ago and I don’t remember exactly how to install this puppy. Is there instructions or a tutorial around somewhere? Thanks, Rusty
  24. Wow look at this topic!! I got hit with getting all our tax info together for our tax man by...Mar 1...tomorrow...well l might get in the mail by tomorrow. Would rather have been here, LOL. r
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