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  1. Here are links to the full res and reduced res versions of the logo intro animation...


    The Text and Fonts selected for the intro are temporary and we are deciding what the final font will be, but we are excited with the outcome of the winged skull. Hubukai (John Hubickey) rendered this monster out at full res (3 full days of rendering) and created the video files and is hosting the files! Without him there would be no Dark Skull Productions!


    (I suggest *right click>"save as"*)

    FULL RES (HD720) DSPintro (18.8MB) Quicktime (H264codec)


    FULL RES (HD720) DSPintro (6.71MB) Windows Media(WMV)


    Comments are welcome, but I doubt we are going to change much. Lots more to get done on other things. To see the old post for this project::




    More updated images of characters:

    Etharion Assassin

    Rom Pitt



  2. You look like a member of the "Beatles" with with Don's hair, with John's hair you look like and ex-headbanger, and with my hair.... you look Cuban.

    Vern... don't you have a character to build and some tutorials to edit or something?

  3. I translated what he said into A:M rigging, because often I look at work from people using other software as well and look at their tutrials to see if those steps would work in A:M also. 90% of the time A:M is capable of doing what other software does, but sometimes it's harder and sometimes it's easier.

    As far as the U-tube vids--- I think I get the idea now, Vern. You can stop flapping your arms now.


    John/Don... why don't you guys post some of that video from the meeting. I don't mind. Pictures are fine too. I think the community would like to see how geeky we really are.



    I recently finished a lipsync of the main character from a line in Battlestar Galactica using Lee Adama's voice. I'll post here, in case some of you can't or didn't get it.

    I will post in WIP at the end of this week, and send out invitations to view the post through emails and PMs.


  4. You might want to add some piping that has a larger gage in there and some junction ports (boxes) on the surface to break up the monotomy of all those pipes that are so equal in size. That might also give it a little more depth on the surface. The actual cube used for the series seemed (IMO) to have panels on the outside as well. Don't get me wrong... the cube you made is enough to give us the impression of what the cube is made of, but there are really hard core fans that will tell you exactly what it looks like.

    My best wishes to all you guys because everything you have created so far fits the look of ST so far, and the construction of most of these ships is quite beautiful.

  5. Don is the greatest host...

    Vern's presentation was heavily technical, but when you talk about rigging, what do you expect?

    In all, the meeting was fantastic... everything was perfect!

    Thanks Don for getting me home alive. If I had taken that bus I would have pissed myself... as soon as I got into my apartment the beer kicked in again and "GUSH"- I just made it!


    I am really inspired now, guys... thankyou!


    The onlything we didn't cover at the meeting was the music of our production. I have a sample of something I submitted....

    it is not the sound we are going for, but it is interesting. John H... do you like this one? It is the theme for one of the planets. It's loud... so please turn your sound down a little before listening.


  6. Hey everybody! I'm finally getting back to lighting



    Any ideas what could be causing this: is there some plug-in shader on TW I don't know about?


    EDIT: I think I've got it figured out--multipass was on 1 pass and earlier renders were final renders


    EDIT2: Nope--still looks creepy...I wonder what's going on?



    Whatever was done at the windows (adding the outside vista?) might be reducing or blocking the incoming light from one or more of the windows... there is little or no reflection (from the right window on TW) and the specular seems to be less than the specular/reflection from that "HOT" chair which lights him from the bottom. Is it within the lighting/camera style of the TWO production to add FOG or D.O.F.. That might help further seperate the forground from the background and diffuse some of the strong light of the chair. Whatever you decide to do with it... it looks great so far.


    EDIT: Maybe the chair is not yet textured or something got lost there. Is that chair supposed to be like that?

  7. I'll be there guys... DarkSkullProductions will be able to show some new stuff. Vern has transformed into the artist he always should have been... I wanna see the new Vern in action! Don isn't this our third year or fourth? When is the actual anniversary date for MAAM?

  8. Hi,

    After hybernating for several weeks work has begun again. Having overshot our proposed deadline we've decided not to promise a finish date. Life can get complicated and problems arise when least expected.

    We do have sample images of updates to the characters. Animations will come soon. We will have an animated story board as the sets are completed for the first episode (to be released from our website : http://www.darkskullproductions.com .) and many tests as well.


    Thanks for all your support... :unsure:

    ... and if there is anyone out there who would like to join us on this project, we still have plenty of work that needs to be done.





  9. No lights in that render, but there are lights in the others. Yes... reflections look great, but I'm not sure about transparency... I don't think AO was made to inhance transparency. I think AO was made to combine with other lighting as an alternative (quick) global lighting feature, compared to the slower and not so easy to set up up light rigs and skylights and radiosity. With our style of texturing models requires stronger lights, because the textures are color dense/dark. I think when your textures are "color dense" or have a high saturation, they tend to retain color better in strong light. Also, your highlights show up better.- I could be wrong about that observation, not sure.

    Thanks for bringing that up!

  10. You are so right about the actuality of the reality, but will it look that much better that I should change what is there? A change in camera angle could erase the problem.

    There are too many variables ... too many ways to lift an axe clumsily... perhasps I should just leave it alone, because, between all these postings, I have explored and acted out (with a broom) this action many more times than I care to remember and have come up with several different ways that one could place hands and posture the body.

    Little changes may seem little, but when you actualy start changing one little thing, it changes the way something else will look, so I have been chasing this "golden goose" for about a month now, and I would like to move on.

  11. Elbow is bent slightly... shifted her COG to stay low after the first big lift to allow her to raise up to full height on the last lift up. Now her hands slip on the handle a little more than before, but I think it helps to make her seem like she is struggling. I made her left hand grip exchange quicker so that it looks more like she grabbed the handle just in time to pull the counter weighting effect off to use the right hand as the pivot to lift the head of the axe up.

    I'm bushed!


  12. The question I'm coming up to is; who's the final say on this? Martin? Rob? Rhett? It's pretty clear that there are two schools of thought going on here, and that's not likely going to change. It's seems that people either love these costume designs, or hate them.



    Ok, I'll get down off my soap box now. Leaders? Directors? What's our next move?

    Martin Posted for someone to texture Tin and Scarecrow... and Nancy came through for Tin!

  13. ...

    It actually (IMHO) could take away from the story because I could easily see myself (as a first time viewer of the movie) watching the movie and being more focused on trying to figure out why Scarecrow and Tin man look so ahhh...different.


    Dude, I believe they look different because they are like "royalty"- since they saved the entire realm of OZ from the wicked witch. It's even in the script/story. You will never see the Queen of England whearing peasant clothing!


    I think the original concept for the characters is more aligned to what most people relate to for OZ characters.


    If you see a man made of tin and a sack head with sewn on eyes, what else would you align them with?


    Even Cirque De Soleil realizes the difference of their performance. Their costumes appear to be more in line with a ballet performance which makes sense.


    That is true, but this IS an animated movie... a cartoon. Why would you want to see something you can see normaly? Pull out all the stops and see what you get.


    If the movie was in a ballet format I think the costumes would be perfectly but in an acting "Pixar" type of movie, (to me) it doesn't work.


    Pixar is a good height to reach for. I bet they wish they had Nancy!


    Last point,


    The painted on eyelashes give the impression Scarecrow is female. From all the cartoons and drawings I've seen, over extended eyelashes symbolize femininity.


    Because Scarecrow's character has already been established to be male, they don't work for me unless were showing scarecrow is a cross dresser which I'm severely hoping is not the case.


    Well, scarecrow is gay. So that opens the market up a little more... I appreciate those eyelashes. Hey- in the eighties, there was "glam" rock groups that did the same thing... but their music sold because of these theatrics!

  14. Hubukai Posted Dec 2 2006, 11:57 PM The pizza and cheese steaks were great and instead of working in animation master tomorrow I'll be running extra far and working out a lot longer at the gym to work off that great Hawaiian pizza.


    I didn't get any Hawain pizza!!! That's my favorite!!!!!! I don't need to eat... just drink beer! How did they get the beer out of those monkeys anyway?


    Awe, Zack, missed you!


    I want a donkey for christmas!!!

  15. Thanks... I animated the sentinel with the new rig and added a tiny bit of body motion. John rendered the cycle on his duel or quad processor machine (with 4 lights,1 JLskylight rig at 25 passes, with reflections everywhere and got some really impressive render times. His machine renders 3 times as fast as mine!) using A:M v14 Alpha2.


    When you collaborate with someone:

    MSN is a good tool for exchanging files and also skype for voice. We have a shared folder with MSN so that we can instantaniously transfer files... of course John has the server space so that we can transfer and store larger files that we need for production... and it helps to have the exact same directory structure (like TWO project's SVN) that can be updated using FTP software. Much of the work on all of that is due to John teaching me how to use all of these tools. Most of you know about all of this stuff, but I'm a noob when it comes to that.


    Thanks for all the support and suggestions... you've been very helpful!




  16. In the menu under the skull click on videos, "animas 3D". On the page that appears next you will see links to 3 categories that will lead you specific groups of videos. The site is currently in progress and temporary and John is working hard to get things the way we want them... eventually there will be an interface for the videos, but that takes time to get coordinated.

    Thanks for looking us up!


    Here is some more renders and stuff we had while exchanging ideas and fleshing out the look.







  17. I like all of them nancy... I believe there are good reasons for your choices... these characters are not meant to be the ones from the past... they have moved on to a new quest! They must have new cloths/look so that TWO is TWO not The Wizard of Oz (also TWO).

    Scare crow's face should have something done to the lips too... I mean, not lipstick or color, but wear and tear - worn out spots... looking like his head has been through some useage a little (just the suggestion of it). What do you think?

  18. From- Dark Skull Productions including John Hubickey and Rich Jackson:


    Greetings all,

    An episodic space opera/ action adventure movie will be coming soon, called TekNu. The project should end up being around 20 episodes. So far, there is a web site with WIP videos, the story and episode descriptions, also the site includes details about the characters that will be seen. The web site is still under construction so some areas are not complete. We should be in a more complete state after the holidays. Late in January, work will continue and we might have the first episode by the end of the month.


    Here is the URL for the web site:




    ...And here is some eye candy:




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