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  1. Don...okay...will contakt you on Friday 10th. MSN IM in the morning as usual or anytime over my three days off that I might see you in MSN Mess.

    Vern: I think we saw your Lost World project last time, but I wanna see it again. Are the books in there yet? I don't remember the handcuffs... I always want to see your new and old work... sometimes everything goes by pretty quick and a second look is always woth it.

  2. ok...ok... I wanted to do the meeting on my 3 day weekend (10th/11th/12th), but I am going to have to do it on the one day off I'll have that weekend(18th)... I'll be coming there, but I won't be worth much. But it's better than not having Vern there... so I'll try not to fall asleep.

    John, do you have bus/train route info for getting there? If not it's okay, I'll find out sometime soon how I'm going to get my "pedestrian" butt over there.

  3. NO VERN???????????????????? OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it possible for you to clone yourself by then, Vern. If you can model a dna kit, then you can build it... and then .... oh that was just silly of me. Maybe we could just split you in two... with your permission of course? Well, Have fun at your reunion. You will be missed.

  4. I've notified the local police that we are having a meeting so if there is any smoke, fire, explosions were scantily clad women running out of the house with articles of close missing, they have been paid off to ignore any calls regarding these things.


    John, If these girls don't have any "hardware" or "software" attached to them I don't think you will have to worry about me... just kidding. As for the smoke... well I'll just say I'm sorry right now.

  5. No- I have been using a simulation that was exported from the chor as an action. The button and dynamic floppy cone were path constrained to the cape. The cape is penetrating the leg because I lost the action for the legs that go with the cape simulation action. If I had "baked" in the chor then the legs actions would have been exported with the simulation data. Anyway, the point was to see how you could attach objects onto cloth... read the whole thread because there is information on how to layer cloth on cloth, too.

    Lot's of good ideas going on here.

  6. AM-v13 and v14 have "new" simcloth. It's in the manuals. I believe AM also has "old" simcloth in version 12... not sure about that, but this thread applies to any cloth in AM. Only thing is - simcloth is more simple than ever to use! You can use 5 point patches without too many problems but hooks are a no-no.


    Anyway, I have new examples with dynamic constraint applied to a cone attached to the cloth. I tried a flat button having the button bone "aim at" another bone that is path constrained to another paralell spline to the button. It keeps the bone's angle changing with the cloth. I also did a final render. Sometimes when you see penetration, it's only penetrating because you are looking at a lower res version of the patches and actually there is no penetration, so it's best to look at a final render to see if it is true at the best resolution before you abondon it. (4 poly per patch or 16?) Most people have the default setting for patch "quick render" mode: 4 p per patch.


    I better get back to my cloth tut, now. Thanks guys!



  7. Mine has all of that, but mine is always drifting behind the motion of the cloth. I wonder why yours works so much better?

    No... your button is staying with the spline... it's large enough to penetrate where the other splines are bending/wrinkling above it. You could get it to ease to another less active spot on the cloth or get it to average between two bones positions on the spline (button bone -"translate to" two "path constrained" bones?), to keep it out of the fold/curve.

    Interesting problem there. Maybe offsetting the button bone from the spline a little to keep it outside the cloth would be a quick way to fix.

    Mine uses a sphere so the connecting "side" of the sphere is against the cloth, not quite touching the cloth.

  8. I did a test also, but I guess another example won't hurt. You have to set the ease to get the attached object to get to the place on that spline where you want it, but other than that... it stays with the cloth perfectly. Make sure the base of the bone associated with the object is at the place where you want the object to connect to the cloth.


    I guess to push this idea further... if you wanted to add an oblong object that bends with the cloth, you could have several bones constrained to different splines and eases on the splines so that the cps stay with the cloth's splines also. I'll try that later.



  9. That's a wonderful idea... and sounds like it would work. Maybe changing the orientation of the bone itself as an offset after the constraint is applied would be better than adding splines to the cloth. And is it possible to make a pose that could constrain the bones to the path/cloth spline?

  10. Take solver resolution down to .01 and I see you finally reduced the friction down to 1... good choices.

    Cloth is not like bones where you can repeat settings precisely. EVERY simulation will vary with just slight changes to anything. There are NO MAGIC settings. We have to learn how to recognise what simcloth needs to keep away from the deflector... sometimes, that may require a longer dressing pose.

  11. Call it "done," Steve. I'll clean it up. There's some new vines, and it won't take much to make the animation acceptable.

    You might want to have them celebrate with a "whew!" and a big exhale.... and when they are released from the ropes the reaction could be to have them stumble or move away from each other more to emphesise the fact they are not "bound" anymore. It looks great as is, IMO, but could use a little more time at the end with follow throughs and ease downs, after all that moving they just did.

  12. Well, i think a good way to get this done fast would be to have Woot just fiddle with a knot looking piece on it and have the knot fling open (a couple of finger wiggles later) then have Woot snatch the loose end of the vine/rope and have it "snake" or uncoil or drop down to SCs and TWs feet. You might need to extend the scene in order to get the timing right... as long as it looks right.


    PS... I "get" the gestures from TW hands... you should bring that out more.

  13. Amazing!!! :)


    You seem to have broken through so many of the barriers. The hair looks pretty good and I can't wait to see how well the cloth works. How many passes are you using for these renders?


    One little nit-pick, (if you want it): Rom Pitts's right boot appears to have a visible seam running down the front, where the wrinkles don't match up.


    The hair is just hair... no MuHair shader- nothing wrong with MuHair, I'm just too lazy to change those settings. Mostly everything has been done at 9 passes, using a 9 pass skylight. Usually, I use also, 2 spotlights/ 1 sun/ 2 bulbs.

    Yeah... the seam in the wrinkles was a forgotten fix I had planed to do... never got around to it. I will fix that... it's a shame, because it's such an easy thing to fix!


    It warms the heart whenever I see this kind of quality work being created in Animation Master! Keep up the great work guys! The hair looks great! If you got the cloth working well for clothing like that i'm pretty envious, that's tricky business!


    Don't wish to be critical cuz the stuff looks so good, but the lip sync doesn't feel quite right to me, I think a phenome where the corners of the mouth went back toward the ears more could help. That probably doesn't make any sense. But like the "E" sound in "egg". In this lipsync test the corners of his mouth never come back in this manner. Just a thought.




    With cloth I did lots of sims and adjusted the model's arms (There is a simcloth "Tech Talk" out there, by Bob C. and it is a must see!)... every time there is a glitch you must change something to bring the model back into acceptable ranges and sim from that point. It's tricky, but it takes practice. I saved the simulation from the chor to an action- (right click on Choreography Action->Export as Action) That only saves the sim/cp position/pose slider data, but not the other actions you dropped in on the model... you must remember what frame the chor is using for each dropped action- that is if you use several actions that blend/or stop/or start at different points.

    Yes... the phonemes are kinda flat in the corners! But it does look weird because of that fact. There are certain points where the mouth should PULL more... so a slider for that purpose is a perfect idea. I will try it.


    You can see the reference I used- I didn't use the video to lipsync... just the audio, because I didn't want to be a slave to reality... after all, this is the "virtual" realm we are creating. I don't want to photo or hyper realism, I want to create a stylized realism. Do you know what I mean? I just want to represent life- not mimick it.

    LIP SYNC ORIG. Reference(Mp4-989kb)



  14. You know... that's great work! Very creative. Another idea might be having the words "EmeraldStorm" drop out of a cloud that moves into the frame and as the words settle into place, the lightening bolt could zip/flash/boom between the words like it split them.... then the clouds fade away and the lightening settles down. Rodney, you opened up a lot of possibilities there!

  15. Rich and John,


    This is some very nice work! These are only tests too?!


    Are you two doing post work in After Effects etc... for these shots or are they raw renders straight from A:M?


    Straight out of AM into TGAs into Quicktime... poorman's pipeline! the sentinel alcove has multiple volumetric lights so the render is the original size of the render (30-40 min per frame).


    As an American I can certainly say, "Yea! Awesome! You rock dude!" too. ;)


    Your work is indeed 'awesome'.


    What does it feel like to be creating our very own... 'Star Wars'.

    Rhetorical question of course. I know its a lot of work but you've got to love seeing your work come together.


    WOW... never expected that we are creating the 'Star Wars- Attack of the Splines'! We did the hard stuff first. Now we are just filling in the details and it is becoming more fun... we've had to say "okay... time to move on" a couple of times. Vern and Don Davis have been encouraging us too!

    JohnH created the ship and all of the props and sets so far, the Assassin's gun was textured by Don Davis, John H. and I.


    Thanks so much.

    JOHN? Are you out there??

  16. Sorry Ken!

    John Hubickey (Hubukai) and I are putting together a series of small episodes that have cliff-hangers. We are going to broadcast online via DarkSkullProductions.com. We are near the first episodes previs-animatics now. The logo just got rendered and we posted it here:




    : and the old post for the begining of the work is:



  17. Hello,

    We have been busy and I didn't want to post too many WIPs, but I have a few more for you. These clips are just tests to see how the models hold up for animation/rendering. Of course we are rendering everything in HD720, but a few things have to be rendered smaller for testing- (especially those containing multiple volumetric lights).

    Comments are welcome. Keep in mind that the purpose of these clips are to show the models in lighting. There is one lipsync in there that is incomplete, because I didn't really want to go into simulating the cloth(It's all about the face/the arms are STIFF).



    Click on the pic!


    RomLipSyncFinalNTSC_480p.jpg EF-Ship_flyby-starfield.jpg


    EF-Ship_Spin_with_lights.jpg Sentinel_Alcoves_craneshot.jpg


    More updated images of characters:

    Etharion Assassin

    Rom Pitt



  18. i like this a lot... the only problem i have with it is the end. i think there is a little to much fidgeting of the wings at the end. it takes him like 3 seconds to get into that position.



    The fidgeting shows the skull's condition... it obviously has been through "HELL". We tried it with the wings slowing and stopping, but it dies visually... the intent is that it still looks like it's living at the end, so I must keep them babies movin.


    Maybe you could add a Force in front of the wings so it looks like the bird is flying though the sky.


    Hair with dynamics? Good idea! Only problem is that I don't want it to fly... I want it to be "other worldly" so I made it NOT birdlike. Trying to suggest wings are living by moving them, but it's not a bird- it's a skull.


    Thats pretty eye catching Rich.

    Its hard work to make Skulls fly I'll bet. ;)


    The primary change I would suggest (and I read that you probably won't change anything) would be to extend the wings out to fully formed 'Y' shape at some point (about 2/3 of the way through by my guesstimation).

    This would give the sense that the wings are helping the skull decend to its final position.

    As such you wouldn't need to worry as much about it flying.


    The final resting position makes me think 'spider' a bit more than winged skull.

    This might not be a bad thing of course but you might consider that interpretation for when you use the image in stills.

    To counter that effect you could add a little light or coloring to the wings.


    Regardless... your logo definitely says "Dark Skull Productions" to me!


    More please! :)


    Rodney, you got it! It's moving like a spider in some ways also. It adds to the creepyness. I want it to be unexpected movements... it keeps it alive, but contrasts what it looks like it should be doing.


    Very nice mood! Good work!


    The shimmering are more distracting to me than wings movement, especially those occuring in the skull texture. What render settings have you use? Any MP/soften on this?


    The shimmering is slightly distracting to me... I have been looking at this thing so long I may be overlooking that, maybe I could do something different there with the texture of the skull, but softening might take away from the detail in the wings and I don't want to do that.

    Unfortunately, we have to decide if we want to spend more time on this or let it be... as we have so much more to do. Your comments have been very constructive and everything is being considered.


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