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  1. Last night/ this morning... all renders went well... these are my first, so I'm excited.

    I restarted my computer again somewhere near the end of the first session of renders, just in case.


    2_06_30 and ~17:13 average time per frame... 31 frames rendered. You are right Nancy, those look too dark.


    2_06_31 and ~ 8:43 average time so far... still going... 20 frames done so far. These renders really look nice.

    Seems that everything so far has rendered with 5 passes so far.


    *EDIT: Posting some renders now that "Render Messenger" has stopped.



  2. My computer did 6 hours at the 10% mark on progress at the first pass and didn't move at all... just in case... I tried in AM and it rendered the same way, but I only let it go 22 mins. So then I decided to stop it. Yes I had to use ctrl+Alt Del to end the session at every attempt. I even restarted my computer and tried again. Same results the second time around except I let it go to 8 hrs.


    If it's the fur, there are alternatives... I hope it gets fixed soon. I am going to suspend Render Messenger until later.



    In AM I tried changing both rabbit fur materials density to 20 and turned "render hair opaque in reflections" ON- it rendered.

  3. I'm sitting idle also... never had the alpha and I started with beta2... my computer is offline when I work at home during daytime hours (EST or GMT-5), but when I go to my job at night I leave it running on most nights. I've set my security software to allow renderer to do it's thing. Projects have been downloaded to the folder, but no rendering has taken place yet. Is rendering going on continuously or is there some downtime right now for calibration or something?


    Also, I'm wondering... if Hash Inc time is -3 hours from my time, then what time should my computer be online for rendering?

  4. I tried render messenger-- forgot my local drive is called "F:"... unfortunately, that means the default --TWO Movie Project-->Enable TWO Rendering-->TWO Data Local Cache Folder: is locked to "c:\twotempdata" so that the folder was never created as far as I could see. Is there anything other than renaming my drive that could help?

  5. Paul Forwood:

    Did you use simcloth on that skirt, Rich?


    The skirt is not simulated in the provided image... but all Tom has to do is to set the choreography settings and right-click on the chor then select- "simulate simcloth" and away we go! The skirt is meshed very lightly and grouped with the legs... with no weighting.


    Paul Forwood:

    Only thing that I can see that might need attention is the weighting in the hands.


    Yes!... the freakin hands are difficult... I have this feeling that when I fixed the length of the fingers, I may have moved the fanbones into the wrong places on the fingers... I don't need to weight them because there are fanbones.


    Thanks all!!!!!

    This was a big surprise, and a bit scary, but I hope Hasbro goes forward with AM in all of there future advertising and products, wherever it might apply!

  6. You guys are doing a beautiful job... This is exciting! Martin, you must be going crazy right now waiting for all this to come together... don't work too hard! Nancy, you got some WILD renders there! ALL beautiful guys!!! KEEP IT UP... I will try to join in when I have some spare time... until then, go... GO!!!!

  7. You might want to clean up those arcs a little and the lead in and lead out of the arms, body movement. You know like the head has really nice arcing going on, but the arms are a little too much - stop--go---stop--go... they seem to need a little anticipation, like before you turn your head it turns a little in the the opposite direction before it does the turn. You know what I mean? Like swinging on a rope... you need to gain momentum by first swinging in the opossite direction.

  8. Yes, her hand movements need to look more deliberate... right now they are drifting into the next pose, how about causing them to stay in one postion a little bit then move into next pose and hold there a little. Her other movements are better now, but also drift rather than maintain their poses.

  9. I couldn't get the wing fold pose to work, probably because something else I did overrides it - I tried in different actions & in the chor with different actions selected and finally gave up on that.


    In the properties for that action (where the new keyframes that you created are located) next to "Blend Method" you have to change all your other added actions/cycles to blend or add, which ever gives the best results, and the coreography action properties- "blend method" to replace or add, whichever makes it work. Maybe someone here has more experience with it and can explain it better than me.

  10. Wow! Nice work!- challenging shot too... Scarecrow doesn't seem to be showing some anticipation for spining, like pulling his arm the opposite way of the spin and then throwing his arm out to lead the turn. He should push off with that left leg also... although there is a small push there, I almost missed it, so I went back and scrubbed through slowly. His getting up on the toes though is great for the spin and his pose during the spin is way good!

    The lipsync is among the best I've seen!

  11. It looks great so far. Owls movements are good and Tin Girl is doing some acting here... but there is a concern with the fact that tin owl is not reacting to tin girl moving her arm... how do you intend on keeping tin owl from looking like an attachment during those arm movements?

  12. I think I'd be Shaggy... that was my nickname in college. Because, somehow I always ended up saying "Yikes!"!! Scooby doo, where are you?! We better hide in here!... it's a long story. Vern, I took the example for the logo and tried an Iron Hawk look... you guys tell me what you think.


  13. Do you think there is too much head movement? I toned it down a little... there is still the eyes and body movements to finish. I think the green monkey is almost there. The facial expressions will probably not change at all. There are various things in there that need attention... I'm continually working on this whenever I get the chance... Ive gone through 9 revisions which is the reason I did not commit to SVN at all. This scene is different than the usual ones I have been handed. It's full of deep emotion... is this my graduation thesis, Martin?


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