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  1. Here is an interesting challenge: Make a complex rigged model out of smaller rigged models by importing the smaller models into a new model. Like a cut and paste operation, it could enable you to rapidly build complex abstract or natural looking models (like trees) to be animated in fascinating ways. Iterative operations like this could get you into trouble, but done right it could make for some amazing possibilities! I don't know if it will work, especially importing models with constraints and relationships applied. I would think that all the parts, constraints, relationships, etc.
  2. Just a quick test of one of the newer branch rigs in version 11.1. Seems to behave itself. May resume work on this project this weekend. This is animated such that the leaf growth is staggered...a bit more interesting. Branch test in AM V11.1 *Warning* Will download and play automatically. To download without playing automatically, right click and select "Save Target As". Bill Gaylord
  3. What a wonderfull Mother's Day gift! A lot cuter than the one I sent to my mom last year (I used it as my portrait on my member profile on this forum). Great work! Wish I had thought of that! Bill Gaylord
  4. I've posted a higher resolution version on my "experiments" web site. Bill's Experiments *Warning* These are imbedded. They will download and play automatically. Not much else to contribute this weekend. Celebrating Mother's Day with my wife and son today instead. Bill Gaylord
  5. OK. Really fixed it this time....I think. Should be able to view it now. Used the Sorensen 3 codec, too, so it looks quite good while taking up less space. *Warning: Movie will download and play automatically. Right click and save if you don't want it to play automatically.* Marshmallow Speaks Again....Really this time. Bill Gaylord
  6. Try it now. Should also be much better quality. Bill Gaylord
  7. Here is an update. He moves more than his lips now. Also tacked another cut at the end to help you see the punchline better. The quality is not that great. Rendered to AVI so I could edit the clips together and now it has some annoying aliasing and is compressed a bit too far. I need to take a closer look at the AVI setting in AM to see if I can tweak them for better AVI rendering. It is good enough to see the flow of the movie. UPDATE: Figured out how to adjust settings on AVI rendering. Looks much better now: *Warning: Movie will download and play automatically. Right click
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll experiment some more with it. Want to try to get that quite effective psychotic look that Anthony Hopkins so wonderfully portrayed. Fortunately the voice does most of the work. Also I think I'll add a closeup of the "victim" so it is easier to see who it is. Bill Gaylord
  9. Any suggestions of how I might impove on this little animation? If anybody has seen Silence of the Lambs, you'll remember, as Anthony Hopkins plays him, Lecter rarely blinks and shows very little change of expression...just an intense, fixed, penitrating stare of sorts. I want to mimic that. But I do want to add some subtle motion to make the marshmallow more than a manikin that talks, though that does kind of work. I'll do a higher resolution version later, with some other tweaks, like improvements in the lighting. Thanks! Bill Gaylord
  10. Nice work on the dance! From the fine foot work to the details of the hand motion, great work all around. I would think being married to a dancer would be both a wonderful resource and at times a real challenge as an animator. I would think dance would lead to some wonderful insights into motion in general. I learned a tiny bit of mime years ago and even that little bit of training taught me more than I expected about creating a convincing illusion of motion and mass. Wish I had learned a lot more. Have enjoyed following the developments of your film! Love the style. Bill Gaylord
  11. Just posted a short short featuring the Marshmallow on the WIP forum thread "Marshmallow Safety Films". In this one the Marshmallow only speaks, so I'll have to do another to show off the rest of his rigging. Thanks, y'all for the help and encouragement! Bill Gaylord
  12. I might add some subtle movements. I was a bit surprised at how much like Lecter in the Silence of the Lambs he was without moving anything but his mouth. Thinking back to the movie, much of the time he had a fixed, "dead" stare and no movement except for his speaking...just before he would spring and scare the *&$# out of you. Bill Gaylord
  13. I like it! More sort of art deco. What if the inner or outer (but not both) reflectors were frosted colored glass for contrast? Bill Gaylord
  14. Here's the first talking Marshmallow. Let me know what you think. This isn't one of the Marshmallow Safety Films, but I think you'll get a kick out of it anyway. Not perfect, but worth showing anyway. Not much action, but that is partly because of the character being portrayed... *Warning: Movie will download and play automatically. Right click and save if you don't want it to play automatically.* Marshmallow Talks! Bill Gaylord
  15. Looks great overall! I notice, though, under the left side of the lower lip the skin creases and folds over a bit, as though the CPs on that side of the chin are not moving. Bill Gaylord
  16. I recently obtained Jason Osipa's book ("Stop Staring..."). This is one fantastic resource for learning how to lip sync and animate the face in general. Very clearly written. Osipa has a real knack for getting at the essentials, putting things in perspective and relative priority. This is one of the "must haves" for your animation resource library! One of the arguments against a "phoneme" based "automated" lip sync tool is that such systems do not account for the variation of corresponding shapes depending on the shapes that proceed and follow (especially if you are animating somethin
  17. Wonderful little character! As your animations so far have confirmed, you can express plenty of emotion even with fixed facial features, or even no face at all!! (Consider our little friend Thom...). Has plenty of "cute" without being syrupy sweet, too. Love this little character! Look forward to seeing more of Calico Cat in action. Bill Gaylord
  18. Yes, the Marshmallows get their revenge in the end! Bill Gaylord
  19. "He's allliiiiive!!! He's alllliiiiive!!!" Yes, I have the facial rigging almost to my satisfaction and the rest is rigging using TSM 2.0 with some minor modifications to account for his being a spineless little fellow. Working as I had hoped. Now I can get on with animating this guy and his future clones. Have a first run in the works that isn't part of the Marshmallow Safety Films, but y'all will get a laugh or two out of it nevertheless. Thanks to all who have helped and all who have encouraged me along the way! Bill Gaylord
  20. "He's alllliiiiiive!!! He's alllliiiiive!!!" The Marshmallow has been rigged with TSM2.0 with the modifications described earlier. Works great! May do some more tweaks here and there, but on the whole he is ready to rock and roll! Thanks to all who have helped! Bill Gaylord
  21. For easier reference here is the description of how I did the shoulders on the experimental arm I posted in the "Marshmallow Safety Film" thread. I'm still experimenting a bit and will post what I finally use for the actual rig. Trying some simplifications and will let you know how they come out. "Here is what I did for the shoulder. The idea is to make the main shoulder ring pivot like it is fixed to an axel. The next ring is the actual pivot point and acts mostly as a hinge joint. The result is similar to a universal joint that connects two rotating shafts at an angle. This is a simpl
  22. Here is a picture showing the case where I got popping in the shoulder when I used a simple "roll like" constraint instead of this "aim roll at" approach. Without Smartskin touchups, the shoulder still behaves quite respectably. The whole arm can roll 180 degrees or more without ugly kinking. Bill Gaylord
  23. Fixed the popping in the shoulder by using part of the experimental shoulder rig I worked out and posted on the "Marshmallow Safety Film" thread. Basically I used a single fan bone for each shoulder. The parent is the shoulder bone. The fan bone has an "orient like" applied relative to the upper arm bone and set to 50% enforcement with "store roll" off. To get the intermediate shoulder ring associated with this fan bone to "roll" partially when the arm "rolls", I apply an "aim roll at" to the fan bone that points to the middle bone of three bones placed behind the shoulder. One bone stays
  24. So far so good! Everything is working fine and as expected, except for some popping related to a "roll like" constraint in intermediate bones of the shoulders. Have some Smartskin touch-ups to do and then Mr. Marshmallow will be ready for animation. I think I'll have the popping fixed soon and will share the details when I work it out. The "Lazy Susan" idea works like a champ! I am so pleased! At each shoulder joint I have a single fan bone with an orient like constraint (50%, store roll off) and a roll like (50%) to the upper arm bone. Works like a champ unless I perform the follo
  25. This should be very interesting. Animating characters with missing parts can be a great way to learn how to get more expressiveness out of the remaining parts. Hands can express a surprising amount of emotions. Bill Gaylord
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