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  1. this is screenn grab when I was looking for a model on an AM area ob my computer
  2. decal for face accidently erased xxxx.prj
  3. I tried to make the first version then gave it a boost by using chrome copycat2.prj
  4. You can make them talk wuith the right image on a simple project
  5. saw a toy robot pictyre and tried a quick model ro botzzz.prj
  6. Incase you thiink the wookie was too hairy....same model with Material chamge and decals whathappen.prj
  7. tested.avi Cartoon.wav mp4 version: tested.mp4 qqqqqq.prj
  8. monkeysmile.mpg mp4 version: JohnL3Dmonkeysmile.mp4
  9. I search for models in this group beginning with D and my hard drive shows possible choices
  10. Found a cat model from earlier release and did a quick animation
  11. Not sure just pick from random list of models on hard drive
  12. was looking around and found this dragon dragonish.prj
  13. the character just wated to make an appearance so gave him a smile
  14. decided to tryt another simple character trying1a.prj
  15. pkayed around wuth my monster ddddddddd.prj
  16. beentinkering around to make a monster as a project ..what if anything do you like or would make it better this is just a fun project
  17. You can see his :blood" flow insideguy.prj
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