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  1. found this render and model converted to gif BasicMan.mdl
  2. In case you are ready here is a treat of sorts pumpkin1.prj trick.mdl
  3. with some assistamce with Robcat2075 got my pumpkin started now to tinker some more
  4. arfing.avi mp4 version: arfing.mp4 arf.prj Terrier-Mixed-Breed-Snarl-QuickSounds.com (5).wav
  5. Just tinkering again dance2u.avi DANCE.prj
  6. For some reason the female model "tans" when rendered dance2u.prj
  7. just tinkering and then noticed a small version of model on the surface not sure why or how it appeared... bubbles.prj
  8. did a quick trial of an idea for halloweentime
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