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  1. tryed a quick attempy to use the image to make Thom cat_like
  2. Not sure how I got them but thought they might be interesting
  3. simplely.avi mp4 version: simplely.mp4 nreguy.prj
  4. tryiong out idea ratseatcheese.avi mp4 version: ratseatcheese.mov ratscheese.prj newrat2.tga
  5. thank you for making my evenings fun
  6. Did a somewhat change to the Thom model to get him to be santa santaCOMES.prj
  7. ball guy tinker ..the origin and a change that was suggestion ballguy.mdl
  8. Tinkering again with sitreesong.prjple idea treesong.prj jingletree.avi mp4 version: jingletree.mov
  9. DRAGON.avi MP4 version: Dragon.mp4 Skeleton Dragon.MDL
  10. Simple turkey turkeymaybe.prj
  11. Decided to play with Thom and get him a new look thomchange.avi mp4 version: thomchange.mp4
  12. model I did enchanced version manofsnow.avi mp4 version: manofsnow.mp4 snowman.mdl
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