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  1. Just tinkering again dance2u.avi DANCE.prj
  2. For some reason the female model "tans" when rendered dance2u.prj
  3. just tinkering and then noticed a small version of model on the surface not sure why or how it appeared... bubbles.prj
  4. did a quick trial of an idea for halloweentime
  5. Modified it slightly aMoonscape.prj
  6. Had desktop Attacked so not on line until that is cleared up but could still tinker and decided something simple simplefall.avi simple.prj
  7. Just sorting through AM cd's so here is another quicky idea bunnoty.avi
  8. been playing with chracters on my CD collection and Thom wanted to help......8)
  9. took finished model away to show the original model alienchange.prj
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