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  1. Just trying out simple idea mp4 version: chess.mp4 AVI version: chess.avi chess.prj
  2. did this and a few more posted on facebook using my 1998 CD to get the characters
  3. This one took a little longer than I thought but turned out okay for simple model achoo.avi mp4 version: achoo.mp4
  4. https://www.facebook.com/100000570841551/videos/1343700809509235/
  5. quick project using stuff on 2006 cd
  6. characters and other model found on a 2006 Hash cd trapped.prj
  7. Have to get the show on the road soon or at least the snow off the rooad.....8)
  8. anything you like or suggestion to make it better welcomed
  9. Is this what was suggested thenewsnowman.prj
  10. Just timkering around with my Animation Master program and made this "sphere guy" before animating him let me know what you like or dislike about him thesnowman.prj
  11. the character was off 2006 cd mp4 version: qqqqq.mp4 AVI version: qqqqq.avi
  12. Now that I have them will have to animate them
  13. A bit rough just trying it after awhile mooing.avi mp4 version: mooing.mp4
  14. found this model and posted earlier bouncing now tried to give it a chance to sing and dance or at least lip sync ..I know needs more work
  15. sorting through old cds and found this pair twins.prj
  16. Trying to get my fun to start up here is latest try shagabout.prj
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