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  1. Thanks for the tip! I'll give it a shot next time. -Vance
  2. Yes, I'm using NetRender with a 3096 MHz i9 processor, so it is running 8 slaves. The early versions of the choreography, when I wasn't doing anything expensive, rendered remarkably quickly, the first 20 seconds rendering in a couple of hours at 720x1280 with multi-pass! This one, 59 seconds or 1770 frames at 1080x1920, set up for 16 passes with softening and motion blur (plus reflection and particles/hair) took 26 hours and 43 minutes. As for the bird peeling off of the page, I created a pose for the bird, rendered it with alpha channel, and used the rendered image (composited with the
  3. Here's the first 59 seconds in a more finished state. I lucked into doing it in the way that was the best for me. I lit everything using the standard lighting that is in a new choreography and added a little global ambience, and everything rendered quickly. Then, after I had the whole scene working the way I wanted it to, I turned down the standard lighting and added mood lighting (3 bulbs and some props). When I did that, renders started taking about 5 times as long. It made the whole process go a lot quicker to have the slow rendering happen only at the end.
  4. Very nice, Fucher! -Vance
  5. Thanks for the help, Rob! -Vance
  6. I print ABS on my 3D printer (most inexpensive FDM printers print PLA), and it is quite durable and has a high melting point, meaning stuff I print does not fall apart even in a hot car. My wife was dubious about the 3D printer when I got it (she banished it to the garage), but it won her over as I've printed parts to fix a variety of household issues. I normally don't use A:M to design parts. You can get a free license as a hobbyist for Autodesk Fusion 360, which is made for designing parts. And I also designed a replacement keyboard stand for my keyboard at work a couple of years ago aft
  7. I recently started doing lots of large (for me anyway) rendering jobs on my Dell Windows computer I purchased the end of last year, which has an Intel i9 processor. The i9 processor has 8 cores (most desktop i7s have 4). Each core can run two threads of normal programs, but each has only one math processor. As a result, you can run 8 NetRender Messengers (slaves) at a time, as rendering is all math. I'm getting 45 seconds of animation (1,350 frames) at 720p rendered in a little over two hours! The last time I was rendering large numbers of frames (on a dual-core machine a few years back),
  8. Here's a test of the first 47 seconds or so, with a rough cut of the music, which is a prog rock version of the Berceuse (Lullaby) from Stravinsky's Firebird.
  9. Thanks everyone! I certainly will provide updates and let you see the final version. On the one you've seen I've already fixed a couple of things (the camera path was a little off of where it should have been, the talisman slid in the drawer a bit, it needed to be tightened up by about a second). When I get a few more seconds done, I'll post an update.
  10. It looks like the iframe did not work. Here's a link: -Vance
  11. I'm a prog musician (I play in a couple of prog bands signed to small labels: https://mrrmusic.com/project/gekko-projekt/, https://bombergoggles.bandcamp.com/album/gyreland), and I'm working on a solo album. One of the pieces on the solo album is a prog version of a section of Stravinsky's Firebird. I'm working on a video to go along with it. Here's 20 seconds of the work in progress. <iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/532926484" width="640" height="564" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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