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  1. Try to save all the elements of the project separately. Including the chor.
  2. I looked at the file. My assumption turned out to be untenable.
  3. You need to check the durations of the curves framing this patch. Sometimes there are spiral structures that do not allow a patch to be closed.
  4. It was great material! It seems it was Brain Prince ......O! Jeff Paries!
  5. Thanks Robert! Each ring has three types of rotation. 1) Around its own axis. 2) Around the general axis of the structure, relative to the viewer. 3) By turning each section of the ring inside out. Gasoline streak or CD-disk material created from a combination of Landscape and Anisotropic shaders
  6. not mobius https://youtu.be/VH-Mr7-4jkI MOBIUS3.mp4
  7. Great work, Robert! Dinosaurs and bears, congratulations to everyone on the completion of the competition!
  8. Great Thanks! Is it possible to assign plugin actions to hotkeys? For example, assigning a hotkey to smooth a curve.
  9. The idea of a lesson on a burning ball is well realized here. (I can’t find that old lesson - it seems from Brian Prince) + Sparticles
  10. I myself did not expect such a result. I thought the sleeve would slip, but he stopped. It will be necessary to slightly tilt the deflector. I have never been able to get such a slippery fabric like silk. Thank you!
  11. Yes. This is a strange behavior. As well as the unsolvable mystery collisions of dynamic constraint ))
  12. Hi Robert. I suggest that the conflict may occur due to different cloth materials and the use of initial posе. Attached is the corrected version. BrontoNeckTest05_B.prj
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