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  1. For some reason, I see the table walking around and talking like in a Disney movie. Must be the way the legs are bent or something.. Looks nice.
  2. Not only that, but when it comes to animating them, it will be super easy as well. Like, the shack you just made.. when you need to create a burning version of it..
  3. Yup, usually those types of games are 2D.. Looks good to me. I can't wait to see what you do for characters and how they turn out.
  4. I'm guessing the chat feature is under the community "view"? The one that requires you to create an account? And to do that, you have to register the software, and to do that, you have to fill out a bunch of forms.. one of which is the date you purchased? Shoot.. I can't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday.. Well.. I did all that.. now what? It prompts me for my username and password.. and then nothing happens.. Plus, isn't that only available if you are logged into A:M at the time? Edit: Oh.. and making it a newb only channel.. seems kind of useless.. Blind leading the blind come to mind?
  5. I believe this was brought up before. As stated before... I can setup an IRC channel called #A:M on efnet if you like.. I already have a few bots that monitor other channels and can just have them log into this one as well. EDIT: I have created a #A:M channel on efnet with three bots as ops. I will keep the channel alive for a while. If I don't see any activity or interest, I will remove the bots and close the channel. If you are a senior member of these forums and see me on ([DS]LynxW) and would like auto op, let me know. EDIT2: I don't really want to bump this thread, but it is what I was talking about.
  6. Computer chair "may" be fine.. you just need to mod it. Make a base that covers the wheels so it doesn't look so... uhh.. bugetty..
  7. Personally, I feel that has pretty much always been the case. We had two elections where we had a good choice (again, my personal opinion) and a lot of people voted for Ross Perot, just not enough. I think the fact that he did get as manyy votes as he did should have sent a clear message that people are sick of the crappy choices we are getting from a two party system. Ross was the only one that didn't fully go through the corruption needed to fit into the "politician" title and was the only one in my opinion that might actually do what he says, and not just blow smoke up everyones bum to get elected. He didn't just says this or that.. he backed it up with examples.. Of course.. everyone hates looking at charts, but the fact is he was willing to show what he was saying, not just make stuff up without any basis behind it.
  8. There you have it.. Vern's finally come out of the closet.. It's ok Vern.. we won't past judgment on you just because of your sexual preference. Side note: I think you guys have all forgot that you _must_ be corrupt to be a politician.. It's part of the job. So, what you should be choosing is the one that is A ) less corrupt, B ) has an opinion and sticks to it, not all wishy washy trying to make everyone happy, and C ) hopefully shares your views. because A ) they all do whatever they want anyway, B ) don't make all the choices, there are other parts of the government, and C ) their main objective is to line their already filled pockets.
  9. I asked this before.. Where does this idea come from? Why do people think it? Like I said before, if nobody ever said this, I would never know people thought it, as all the mechanical models I have seen have been amazing.
  10. Being that they are a commercial entity, I would guess they would.. but that doesn't mean you would.
  11. I find both content equally lame.. You could have at least had him having a heart attack or something on the way to the car to make it a little more realistic.. But, for quality of animation.. I'd have to go with the other one..
  12. Because I am not smart enough to stay out of this, and love the ridiculous, I will critique your critique of Bruce critiquing your critique. I think the first half of your critique of Bruce critiquing Mike's critique was helpful but in the second half, you too allowed yourself to get pulled into the larger topic. I think this critique of Nancy's critique of Bruce critiquing Mikes critique is way off in left field. But agree that the beginning is also fare.
  13. Not that I'm promoting it (I personally don't like SolidWorks, but that is only because I have to support 50 engineers using it) but eDrawings 2008 can open them.. and they have a free version. Download eDrawings 2008 If that doesn't work, start here: Downloads Scroll down to the bottom and click on eDrawings. Next, select eDrawings view only at the bottom and select Next. Click the agreement and download.
  14. I don't give a crap about the politics and I'm not about to try to debate it on the internet.. I didn't read anyones politics.. I just wanted to point this out: It's also animation.. and this is an animation site. Part of free speech is the ability to create "stuff" like this.. I just looked at the animation and thought.. not bad.. I didn't even evaluate the content.
  15. The nice thing about the Gimp is that there are a ton of add-ons available for it. Such as filters, gap (animation add-on), etc. You should try Gimp, if it doesn't do what you want, then look at Photoshop. But I think you might find that Gimp should satisfy your needs. Both are not the easiest applications to work with, but both also have tons of tutorials to do pretty much anything you could want to do.
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