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  1. I'm new but motivated. this place is in dire need of a chatroom and AM: Buddy system. I am going to set up a common area were users can easily meet and chat about how inferior novice animationist like myself.Can help one another become better and learn in layment or (speak slowly yum hawaiian) terms that we can all understand.I will post an address soon! keep animating don't get frustrated! I will return.....Oh! Yeah,by the way all you unsupportive Techies and pro's.We (Newbies) paid too! you all can stay here and jargon each other witless about how awsome and technical you are.....(LOOOSERRSS
  2. Hi! I'm Anthony. Im in vancouver , new at A.M. but long time animationist. mail me :bigbadwolf.arruda@gmail.com
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