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  1. So who else is in love with the new bias snapping feature? I've been playing around with it today (Need to make a chair) and it has been fabulous.
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  2. I will animate this model in another program. Get good at animation master to design models that good without sculpt workflow.
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  3. So I plan to keep going ahead with animation:master and will get better maybe down road can just model in animation:master could be a opportunity.
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  4. This is an edited compilation of A:M's incremental release notes so that they may be found in one place. This includes new features and enhancements but excludes bug fix and SDK reports. I will endeavor to organize this and add links to relevant documentation and explanations as I find them. If you see something here that already has existing documentation, PM me and I will add it. v19 New features and enhancements Top Five Hot v19 Features... Bullet Physics includes soft body simulations SVG importer enables design of lathe and extrusion outlines in low-cost vect
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