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Hash, Inc. - Animation:Master

I return to the basics....

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  • Hash Fellow

That's a cute scene! Like "Jot" in 3D :D


Two itty-bitty things I notice:


- when hopping forward, the small ball appears to jump straight up with no energy directed towards the forward motion, yet he moves forward anyway. You do have a good pose of him leaning forward when he's examining something. Could you mix some of that into the beginning of the hop?


-I think he sticks to the wall too long when he's bouncing off of it. Maybe cutting out even one frame would be enough.

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Pretty cool! Fun little scenario there. A few notes...

  • A lot of the poses for the small ball hit and stick. While he should be appropriately snappy, there should still be some ease as he hits each new pose.
  • Some of the motions feel a tad robotic/mechanical. One example is the way the two balls are "yelling" at each other toward the end (I guess that's what they're doing). For the yelling action they're just oscillating between two poses, making it feel kinda stiff. Consider adding some other element of movement in there to break it up, like very subtly rocking backward or forward during the yell, or varying the strength of the "hits" so it feels more organic.
  • Another part that feels a tad stiff is near the beginning, when the small ball leaps high into the air, then does some squash-n-stretch mid-air. It feels like he stops in the air during that segment. Depending on the way you've got him rigged, you may need to cheat some of the movement to keep him alive during that leap.
  • I agree w/ the comment on the small ball's rebound off the cube. That whole section could be more snappy, and it would really add some fun punch.

Overall, though, you've got a great start on a fun test piece. Keep at it! :D

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Hey!, Thanks a lot for the replies guys. Of course I have seen my animation again..........and you're right................is robotic :P


Well, this weekend I'll make the changes and post here the new versión, looking for more critics ;) (unfortunatelly I don't have much free time :( )


See you later, and thanks again :lol:

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  • Admin


I thought I had already responded but I must have imagined that I did.


For 'not really original' bouncing balls you've really made a fun little animation

I really like it!


Tweak to your hearts content but...

I'm looking forward to the next episode!


A fan,


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Sorry guys!.


My intention was make some modifications to the animation, like you critic me before,and post here, but.................what a surprise, when I start the program and select the project.................Taraaaaaannnnnnn!!!!!!!!!.................I LOST IT!!!!!!!............ :angry::angry::angry: .


But at least I wrote all your critics in my notebook, and I'll try to apply them in my nexts animations ;)



.................I'm a "bad lucky guy" <_<<_< ...............

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Hi Ernesto!


If your project won't load or crashes, try opening the file in a text editor (notepad p.e.) and deleting everything between [WINDOWPLACEMENTS] and [ENDWINDOWSPLACEMENTS]. (as seen on "Animation:Master" 2002 A Complete Guide" by David Rogers)


I hope that it works.


See you in the Cole3d ;)

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Justin, Shazam3D, thank you very much by your care.................you................make me feel.....................happy. :lol::lol::lol:


But the problem is not the file are corrupted, the problem is that the file disappeared from my computer :blink::blink: .............I've made a search in Windows, but definitively.......I lost the file :(


Well, all this have a good point.......Now I can start the project again with new ideas and more knowledge ;)


P.D:Yeah! Shazam see you there! B)

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