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    Animation. 3D artwork. Video creation.<br /><br />Entertaining my 2 daughters (6 & 7 yrs old)<br /><br />Fishing, Hiking, Camping
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    AMD 2400+XP Nvidia 8800 GTS 2 GB RAM 2 x 250GB HD

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  1. Lookin' good so far. Nice job. Look forward to seeing some limbs and a head.
  2. Hey Bill, great work on your marshamallow. To quote The Princess Bride: Inigo Montoya: "I admit you are a much better modeler than me." Dread Pirate Roberts: "Than why are you smiling?" Montoya: "Because I am modeling in AM with my left hand, and I am not left handed." Roberts: "Well I too am not left handed." Just had to add that. Anyway, I finished my Marshamallow animation a few months back. http://amfilms.hash.com/search/Entry.php?entry=850 Here's a larger file if you wish to see. http://gutterbrothersllc.com/video/ Anyway, I like your marshmallow better. I look forward to your finished project.
  3. Nope, not intentional, just new at character animation and my first TSM rig. I was probably too impatient to work on the flaws. Next time I will be at one with the animation.
  4. Dude this is looking awesome. I hope you're having as much fun working on this as the results are looking. I know sometimes things don't seem to work as easy as they should be, but when the end results are good, the heavens open up, a bright light shines down and we hear the chorus "Aaaaaaaaaaaaa . . . " Can't wait for more.
  5. Thanks. I'm a little partial to the monkey as well, as you can see by my avatar. What I'd like to create is cartoony (non realistic -- too much work) characters of my girls. If anyone has any suggestions of tutorials, examples, etc. I would love that. I haven't started on them yet aside from ideas in my head.
  6. Thanks. I know the monkey definitely needs some polishing, but it did the job. The next one will be better (of course). That should answer your question Rodney. I'm not sure what the sequel will be, but I'm working on getting all my video of my girls from this year together for another DVD for the grandmothers. Went and bought a 250GB HD to fit it all on. I'll keep you all posted of the next project. Definitely get your feedback to make it real gooooooooood!!
  7. Loving that squash and stretch there. Good job.
  8. I think I could take him. Seriously though, I wouldn't want to. He's got that big gun. And he looks pretty harmless aside from that. You did a good job. I like his look.
  9. Thanks robcat2075. I'll work on that camera line again. And yes, creating everything was time consuming, but a worthwhile effort. I could've used props that others have made, but I was trying to work on my modelling skills as well and figured I won't learn if I leach. Thanks Aminator for the timing advice. If that marshmallow wasn't so fat, I could've moved him faster, but he just wouldn't cooperate. He's now in a workout program.
  10. Lookin' good. I'm thinking if you gave him the body of a Clydesdale, then he'd be the ultimate Budweiser employee. -- He could work one shift as brewmaster, then another shift hooked up to the beer cart. Quite versatile.
  11. Thanks. I'll definitely have to work on those camera angles. I was aware of that looking kinda screwy. Not to be repeated though. And finishing it was the achievement. I started the project way back (so far I can't remember). Just to finish something is good. Usually I've got dozens of unfinished projects.
  12. Awesome job. I love those eyes. The shape of them exclaims a menace to the deep. I like the rest of him as well. Niceley done.
  13. Thanks dborruso. And thanks for the info Steve. I'll keep that in mind and shorten the credits down next time.
  14. I've finished my latest project ('bout time I say). The 160 x 120 version is at AM:Films. http://amfilms.hash.com/search/entry.php?entry=850 For those with more bandwidth, there's a 320 x 240 video at this address: http://gutterbrothersllc.com/video/ I welcome all feedback, however I am finished with this project and will move on. So if you don't see your comments being used to fix the video, it's not that I didn't listen. In fact, I'll likely use everyones suggestions for future videos. Laters . . .
  15. You had my vote on that one. But I'm an odd duck anyway (oooo, there's a character to model). I thought it stuck to the theme better than others, but perhaps as was mentioned before, perhaps it lacked visual qualities that appeals to the others who voted. Or not. Since I voted for it, perhaps I'm in no position really to offer the answers you seek. I'd like to see that guy in another contest though. Make his presence known until he's a winner!!!
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