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  1. Robert: no idea what that movie reference is. There are plenty of popular movies I haven't seen, though.
  2. Sorry that I missed the session. I got wrapped up in some other activities. I did the assignments, though. Eclipse doesn't open a separate console window, so here's a screenshot of the console panel: ...and the variables assignment: Robert: I'm pretty sure the ASCII-art image reference is from 2001: A Space Odyssey. I'm not sure where the quote comes from, though. Is that from the same film? I tried watching that years ago when I was studying animation. I couldn't stay awake, though I don't know if that's because of the film or something else. Whatever the case I don't recall much about it.
  3. Sounds like a great plan! So now the challenge becomes: when do we meet? I gave my preferences above.
  4. May 1 sounds good to me. Re: a weekly meetup, Sundays are a no-go. Evenings and Saturdays are my best options. However, I sometimes work during those times, so I might not always be available.
  5. Indeed. I initially thought about Eclipse from a prior attempt to study C++ where that was one of the recommended IDEs, so it's pure serendipity that John is using it for his course. Getting the GCC compiler installed was a little more cumbersome than I thought. For some reason there's not a simple executable installer for it. Of the two Mac links provided on the GCC binaries page, I suggest going with the Homebrew option. Follow the link, copy and paste the provided command into a Terminal window, and let it do its thing to install the Homebrew system. Once that's done, stay in the terminal and execute this to install the latest version of GCC: brew install gcc Once that's done, download and install Eclipse. If you don't have a Java development kit in place (required by the Eclipse installer), then it'll prompt you to go get that. Once that's done, open the Eclipse installer and choose the C/C++ option. It'll likely try to put the .app file somewhere other than your Applications folder, so feel free to change that. Once Eclipse is installed, just open it and go. It should hook up with GCC on its own, as John indicates in his demo. I didn't have to do anything. Side note: I've always found it just a tad annoying that installing development software is often more cumbersome than installing just about anything else. You often need to install other helper apps (Homebrew, JDK, etc) before you can get to installing the primary application, and sometimes those helper apps are command line tools. It's almost like they assume that you're already a developer, so they dive straight into the deep end. I've been scripting/programming on the side for many years, and while I've seen enough of this stuff to get me through trickier installs without too many headaches, it still feels like they're almost intentionally trying to make it difficult to break into programming at a certain level. Anyway,I decided to dive in and start watching stuff in the course, and I'm up to Section 1, Lecture 4. There are some small differences in the latest version of Eclipse—John's demo was recorded in 2014 from what I can see—but overall it's flowing almost exactly as he demonstrates. I've gotta get back to some other stuff, so I probably won't go past S1L4 for now, but I wanted to throw this out there to help my fellow Mac users (if there are any in this group).
  6. I'm gonna tag along if that's okay. I don't use A:M any longer, but have thought about learning C++ for a while now, so this seems like a good way to go about it. On the IDE front, I'm going to take Eclipse for a spin. I'm on a Mac and could use Xcode, but from what I read it's a bit of a space hog, and space on my hard drive is low as it is. The Xcode download is over 5GB before extraction, whereas Eclipse is only 50MB, so my gut says I'll have an easier time running the latter on my system. I'm also not looking to create any iOS specific apps yet, so I don't really need the extra bulk of Xcode anyway. However, if an experienced Mac developer can point out some element I'm missing that makes Xcode worth the effort, I'm open to reconsidering it.
  7. This year is already full of surprises, the first one being pointed out by Robert: my account is still active! And on top of that, I somehow remembered the password! Thanks to Robert for being willing to start this thread on my behalf. I hope that Animate a Face will still prove useful to the community!
  8. I just got a similar PM from the same user.
  9. I've been getting into photography pretty heavily these days, and ran across mention of a little FREE app called Autostitch. The killer thing is that it has some definite potential applications for 3D work as well. Here's the super-short summary: Autostitch will take any number of source images and automatically blend them together into a single seamless panorama image. Want super-easy reflection maps? Just render a bunch of overlapping shots from the same camera position, throw them into Autostitch, and BOOM! The same thing can give you an easy way to take your 3D scene and create panorama images for use with QuicktimeVR. Even if it's not a full 360-degree image you're after, Autostitch will still do a great job. As a test, I took three 4-megapixel photos and ran them through it. Less than a minute later, I had the stitched result. Sure, it could look better if I had taken more photos, but what I did get was still pretty sweet. Until the creators sell off the technology to someone else for inclusion in a larger program, they're making Autostitch available for FREE! The only down-side is that it's Windows-only for now. Anyway, I hope this is useful. Cheers!
  10. Just a quick heads-up to those who were thinking about attending the animation demo I'm doing (mentioned in this thread). In addition to the "Animate a Face" CD set that will be given away as a door prize, I'll also have a small quantity with me to sell at a special meeting-only discount! The only way you can get this discount is to come to Saturday's meeting and buy the discs directly from me. Thanks to the fine folks at Anzovin Studio for making these available for the event!
  11. Hmmm...I'd done some tweaks on the rig from what the Eggington crew had originally made, but I never tested it post-tweak. I'll dig into it and see what I can do about fixing it...
  12. Just to throw another option into the mix: Goldwave I've been using Goldwave for years. It's shareware, but well worth the price. Also check out the link on the Goldwave site to its sister app, Multiquence, which is a multi-track audio/video mixer, also shareware. Granted, it's not nearly as full-featured as something like Premiere, but it's great for the price.
  13. Michel, Quick tip: don't put spaces in file/folder names on a web site. It often leads to funky links.
  14. Thanks for all the kind words on Animate a Face. I'm flattered that people like it so much. As for making more, I'm totally open to it, but I'll admit that I'm stumped when it comes to a concept. I'm open to suggestions, though. Jot me a line if you have an idea!
  15. There was a World Series recently? Seriously, I had no idea. I heard some side talk today about some big thing involving rioting fans, but had no idea what instigated the chaos. Oh well...that's what I get for totally ignoring all sports, I guess. It seems like I always find out about the World Series after it's over. Last year the revealing moment was even funnier because I was surrounded by others who didn't know much (if any) more than I did. My wife's parents were visiting, and we were playing a board game at our house, and suddenly there was a brief exchange that went something like this: Wife's dad: "Does anybody know who won the world series?" Me: "There was a world series recently?" Wife: "Who was playing?" At that point, we all realized the hopelessness of the conversation and broke into laughter.
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