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Getting rid of unwanted poses (The needlessly complicated version)


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I don't know if anyone else has experienced this problem but I noticed that when I deleted the relationship of a pose from a model, it would remove the pose from the PWS but not remove it from the 'Poses' window for the model.




If your text editor isn't in the list select choose another app and navigate to Word Pad.


Step 4 - Select Word Pad and you should see something like this




Step 5 - Press Ctrl + F and a find box will pop up, search for the pose entry you want to remove. In this example I'll search for 'Head grow shrink'




When you press Find next (or enter) the document will auto navigate to the entry for the pose you're looking for. To make finding the poses you want to get rid of easier, I recommend renaming them to something unique in A:M but you don't have to do this.


Step 6 - Highlight the pose info like in the examples below


tut5.png OR tut6.png


A percentage Pose will show as and an ON/OFF Poss will show as Highlight everything from [Pose name] or [Pose name] to or as shown in the screen grabs.


Step 7 - Hit backspace to delete the entry

Step 8 - click the save icon to save your changes.


Step 9 - Open up the project your model is in (or import the model into a new project) and all being well those pesky poses should be gone.


You can even rearrange the order of the poses in the pose list by highlighting the pose you want to move and cut/paste it below or above another entry.


Maybe I should have made a video for this but hopefully, you can follow what I'm saying.








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Alternatively, you could just right click on the name of your model in the PWS and open its properties. From there you could scroll down to 'user properties' and you'll find a list of your poses. If you right click on one of them you'll find the option to delete the pose.


Remember folks, you can do things the easy way or the Dan way :facepalm:


Thanks for pointing me to this much easier solution Robert.

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I have been thru this and feel your pain as the unwanted pose sliders pile-up and get in the way... but, I think there is an easier solution... and somewhere/sometime here on the forum it was pointed-out to me as I was going thru the same hoopla.


All you need to do is, as you have illustrated above... click the unwanted pose(relationship folder) in the PWS model/relationships and delete, you will get the 'Delete Pose Relationship?' feedback... next, select the pose slider in the User Properties window for the model and delete, you will get the same 'Delete Pose?' feedback- say yes and you are done. The relationship AND the pose slider have been deleted from the model.

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