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v19 and onward!

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That little notification window thingy is now appearing to suggest I have a few more days on my current subscription and it's always a good time to reflect on where I've been in the past year and where I might focus my attention in the future.


It's been a great journey thus far and yet I remain confident the best is still ahead concerning the potential for creativity with Animation:Master.

What a great 'little' program A:M continues to be. Lots of shiny stuff out there but even after all these years nothing compares.


I guess what I'm trying to say is that while I'm at that cross roads of recommitting to another year of A:M I still don't have a solid plan to produce 'X' and at times that makes me ponder. Once upon a time I stated that I would 'arrive' in 2020 and that should sober me up a little as that particular milestone isn't far away. It seemed so very far away back then.


One day at a time.

A:M is certainly up to the challenge.



Disclaimer: I hereby reserve the right to arrive at the end of 2020 as that theoretically will give me 364 more days. :)

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Where would we be without ya- Sarge? We would be like a foot without a big-toe! (Stripes reference... Bill Murray!)


To keep current with A:M and keep it current with my modern workflow- I am forever trying to use it in conjunction with other programs... it is still relevant and can be a lifesaver!

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Just today, I was able to buy a sub for the company I'm doing freelance work for. Nothing better for me to use to do some 3D mockups and obviously, no complaints about the price.

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Just today, I was able to buy a sub for the company I'm doing freelance work for


Now THAT is the way to do it.

Good on ya! :)


AND... thanks for the well wishes everyone.

You all make coming to the forum well worth the trip every day just to see what you've all been creating.


As of today you guys and gals are stuck with me for another year. Sub purchased and activated. Yay!


I do have some projects waiting in the wings that I want to work on and I think I will use this 'subscription cycle' as a means to work toward getting some of that fleshed out at least to the point of where I can determine whether or not they might be for public consumption (as opposed to just satisfying my personal curiosity). This particular project is primarily a hand drawn endeavor but I want to use A:M extensively for set and environment as well as prop creation (for consistency etc.).


Other projects are many and varied but I'm quite curious if I can pull it off


There is something... a thing... that I probably could use some advice on creating that I would imagine will require the use of Sweeper but I'm not entirely sure what the ideal approach will be.

Think... a huge pile of trees and branches forming a dark and foreboding mound with a cave-like entry near the front and center.

This might be a useful test for the new Bullet Physics feature in A:M after a bunch of branches are created.

There is also the Treeez Wizard that might get at least part of the job done.


This image isn't large and foreboding enough but is the closest I could find with a quick google search: http://www.livingwild.org/livingwild/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/wood-rats-nest.jpg

In reality this mound of branches and limbs was what was cleared off of the top of a hill and pushed over the banks of a dam while creating a pond. All of the trees that were once covering the plane at the top are down at the bottom of the dam blocking the former path up the hill.


At any rate, I don't think I want to draw this same environment over and over again from several different angles so it seems a likely candidate for 3D.

The entire setting of the story will likely be created in 3D as well if for no other reason than for reference.

Since the location is real I might do an on site survey but while a lot of the surrounding area might not have changed much I doubt the mound of trees is still there... it's been over 30 years!


If you've read this far... thanks for sticking with me. ;)






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Something that should certainly assist with the project will be satellite views from above.

Case in point... the exact location of the pond in question that at the beginning of the story didn't exist at that location.

Arrow points to location of tree mound at base of dam.


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