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"Paint fall" Image Contest WIPs

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The paint spilling out of the bucket needed to look wet. However, the GI illumination makes it look chalky....

Bucket E No EnvironNoSpec.jpg



Add in a specular highlight only helps a little.

Bucket E No Environ.jpg



The paint surface needs to have reflections in it but I can't turn on actual Reflectivity since there is nothing to reflect except the house.


An environment map will simulate reflections. This is using the same map that I used for the GI. The detail in the reflections is too fussy.

Bucket E MetalRefl.jpg



This next one uses a simpler treatment of "ground" and "sky" that I painted in Photoshop.
Bucket E LiqEnvir Color.jpg



I liked that but I liked it better if I took out the color.
Bucket E LiqEnvir Gray.jpg




I also tried a blurred version of that.

Bucket E LiqEnvir GrayBlur.jpg




I decided that did not look as wet and returned to the previous version with the sharp horizon line.

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Each glass window had a front and back surface and each surface has one slider to raise some of the CPs so it wouldn't be a perfect plane and another slider to smoosh the CPs around horizontally so the bumps weren't all exactly lined up in a grid.


As it turned out, I only needed to set a very slight distortion to get the antique glass effect I wanted.







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