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Found this while doing a little cleaning

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That's awesome. Interestingly... my first version also (after delaying purchase for entirely too long!).

That meltdown character by avalanche surely helped to win me over because I wanted to create worlds for my own superheroes to live in and didn't want to have to constantly draw them.


I've attached the contents of that Manual addendum as I'm not sure if it's on the ftp.


I'm sure I had that manual but I must have lost it in moving soon after purchase because I'm pretty sure I no longer have it.

I do recall there were some issues with mailing overseas to PO boxes (Hash Inc didn't do that) and perhaps that was part of the resolution... Hash Inc would ship the CD but without the manual? (my memory is foggy here)

I remember that every time I upgraded I had to go through the process of reminding someone at Hash Inc that they did in fact ship to PO boxes because we had previously been able to do that.

AM98 addendum.PDF

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