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Hello Everyone,

I am having a problem with rendering a scene at the correct length. I have a scene that is 14400 frames long, and I am rendering at 24 Frames Per Second. But I am getting a file that is a little over 8 minutes long when it should be 10 minutes.
Does anyone have any experience in which render options I should choose to have the file rendered at the correct length? I have a clock in this scene, so it is important that it is the right length.
Thanks in advance to all those who help.


Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.11.04 PM.png

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check to make sure you are exportng the correct range of your timeline (just incase )

and try using animation as your export setting ( you can adjust your frames per sec to match )

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 8.24.10 AM.png

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I am no expert here but, it might be worth checking what is selected within Tools/options ?

AM tends to default to 30fps so, unless you have specifically chosen otherwise, it will revert to that,

Especially if the "use this dialogue" option is also selected within the render tag ?


If you do use the 'Animation' option, the file size will be rather large as that is an uncompressed format.

Personally I use H264 because its a good compression without a great loss of quality.


Which version of AM are you using ?



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The difference between 8 minutes and 10 minutes is indeed the difference between 30fps and 24 fps for 14,400 frames. (btw, thats a lot to be rendering in one scene from A:M)


In A:M proper, the fps setting is found in the properties of the Project in the PWS. The compression settings will not overrule the PRJ setting.




That is something you typically set before you begin keyframing as all keyframes are identified internally as a certain amount of time from the start rather than a certain number of frames. Changing FPS to 24 now will not make the animation run longer.


If you are wanting to rerender, it is possible to stretch your animation out to run for 10 minutes.


Change the FPS setting in the PWS to 24

-Change your times display from Frames to SMPTE in the Units Panel.

-Find or make a keyframe at exactly 8 minutes in the time line

-Select all the Keyframes in the timeline

-Drag the right edge of the bounding box until the key frame that was at 8 minutes is now precisely on 10 minutes. This stretches all keyframes proportionately.

-Save under a new filename and render.



If you don't want to re-render and have Quicktime Pro you can


-export the animation from QT Pro as an image sequence at 30fps (in QT the fps setting DOES govern the result),

-then import it back into QT Pro as an image sequence with 24 FPS chosen as the import speed,

-then export again as a QT file with 24 FPS chosen in the compression settings.

Of course there will be some loss of quality from all the recompression


i believe it is also possible to do this maneuver in A:M:


In 32-bit A:M (Windows only, on Mac this doesn't matter), Set FPS in the PRJ to 30.

Import the animation to the Images folder.

RMB and do "Save Animation As..."

Click on the ... button to set a file type of JPG or TGA

Click OK, to export


Close and reopen 32-bit A:M

Set FPS in the PWS to 24

Import the image sequence,

RMB "Save Animation as"

Click on the ... button to choose Quicktime as the export type.

Click on the Compression button to choose the codec and compression settings.

Export to Quicktime file.





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Thanks Robert,

You hit the nail on the head. I had not changed the FPS for the project. I had created the project before I changed the software default FPS to 24.
Yes, it is a big scene, but it is just a simple clock, and it makes sense to render it all at once. This is also the reason the timing is crucial.
Thanks for your input everyone it was all helpful.

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