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First of all, let me say that A:M is pretty amazing-- the very first thing I've tried to model (after being away from 3D art for over 5 years and never having used A:M before) is actually coming out way better than I expected. On the other hand-- it also has some major issues.


So-- as the attached images show, I have some weird stuff going on with my topology, and when the model is rendered, it has nasty creases all over it. I'm looking for some pointers on how to manage topology in A:M, and, more importantly, how to go back and fix things after the fact. Can someone point me to some good tuts on this, or where I should look in the manual for guidane?







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Hi Byran.

Yes that looks like a bad topology you've got there. One of the most important things:

Do not try to cross more than 2 splines at one point. Use 5-pointers or hooks to get around these areas.


If you do not know what that is or how to use them, have a look at these video-tutorials. They should answer your questions:

- http://www.patchwork3d.de/basics-of-patch-modelling-80-en > The basics explained

- https://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=46946 > How to create a hand and a very basic foot. (This is about how it could be done and will tell you several possibilities)


See you


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One possible solution ( I just did the two left fingers)



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how to go back and fix things after the fact.




If you want to see some spline fixing done live on-screen go to this post and watch my "rerouting splines " video.

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The modelling tutes in 'The Art of Animation Master' are a good starting off point. (Though personally I'm not sure the one on modelling a face is the most optimal approach... ).
But, also have a watch of Barry Zundels modelling tutorials.
I learnt a tone from those some years back when you had to buy them. Happily they are all free now but I've never regretted having bought them!
You can find them all here: http://barryzundel.blogspot.com/p/animationmaster-2005-tutorials.html
They were made as I say some years back so he's using an older version of A:M which lacks some of the tools/abilities of more recent versions.
But 100% of the basics of Patch modelling covered in the videos is still relevant.

And your biggest resource for learning A:M is right here on the forums!
Ask questions, lots of questions and remember there are no such things as stupid questions! Even the most knowledgeable users here knew nothing about A:M once!

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Definintely check out Barry Zundel's tutorials.

There's even one on modeling a hand:




Of course, there are different approaches to modeling and Barry demonstrates one of many.

I think the primary thing I would do different than Barry would be that I would be in Shaded Wireframe mode more than just Wireframe mode most of the time.

For simple hands I might also just outline them and fill in from there whereas he approaches more from a standard method of lathing cylinders for the fingers and attaching them.


P.S. Welcome to the forums!

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