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The Comic Con Post

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So this will be the Comic Con post(yeah it's late and I'm out of it)






One Day Down!


I Know you hate my pictures but Tim gets there later tomorrow to take good pictures and Kayela gets there friday so you guys wiil be over loaded with pictures.


it's been a long day I'm out!

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We think we have lost the camera so there maybe way less posts today. We are going to keep looking but all maybe lost. We got the pictures form yesterday off it and all have our phones so pictures will not just stop sorry

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I got a good deal buying my upgrade at the show and was looking forward to that, but I can wait next year, unless you will be the one in Seattle about 6 month later? The Emerald comic con?


This year comic con looks a bit weak from last year! It's hard to beat the cast from Grimm and Firefly!

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