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"Bacall to Arms" (1946) Taken out of context, this pose looks very odd. In context... it's still very odd.  

Lucked out got the set on E Bay for $50.00. Still completely blown away by the sophistication of this stuff both the animation and the story lines talk about super talent and hard work. Amazing !!!

"The Bear's Tale" (1940) So "estimated reading time" was a thing even back in 1940? The US wasn't in the war yet so it's not a war-time efficiency measure...  

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57 minutes ago, Wildsided said:

I wonder if this originally came out in November...

Hmmm... Wiki lists it as May 23, 1953.

I must have misread the date on the opening title.

I have no idea how fast these things circulated after they were "released"

In all my reading I've only found one instance where the number of prints made for any movie of that era was mentioned (250 for a special WWII Donald Duck cartoon). But that's nothing compared to "wide releases" today.

It's possible there were many theaters that cartoon didn't get to... until November.


Edit: the copyright date is indeed 1952. I guess it sat on the shelf for a while.


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Sorry, Robert. I was just making a rude joke about November and there being much ado about 'nutting'. At least according to the Internet.

(trust me,no need to look it up if you've never heard of it)

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