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Hey guys


A couple of years back (before I lost my job as bakery manager) I made a comic starring anthropomorphic animals in a grocery store environment and based loosely on life at the shop I worked at. Being promoted to manager seriously limited my time and the comic ended up sidelined, recently though I've been thinking about the characters and situations I'd planned and I'm thinking about adapting it to be a web show.


The format will be a fly on the wall documentary/reality style with staff interviews.


Characters include a produce manager mole who is practically blind, a womanizing panther, the store owner who is a ram, the store manager who is a white tiger. A big dumb brown bear that works in the deli, A cowboy cockerel who owns a paper bag company, a marathon running homing pigeon and a boy scout troupe who happen to be a swarm of bees. To name a few


Below are a couple of the comics I made back then to give you a feel of some of the characters.





Obviously this a side project to Parallel Worlds, but that's a very serious show and this a comedy.

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I like the idea. Characterizing people as animals is classic... out of my abilities... only works if you stay true the the 'animal' nature. There is an animal in each of us. I wish you Godspeed on this endeavour and hope you will grace us with your WIP's and ask for help if you need it.

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  • Admin

Whiile I've never worked in a bakery I can appreciate your comic on many levels. (So many levels!)


My first instinct is to say... hey wait... what about Parallel Worlds? I wanted to see that! But seems that you are like me (and everyone else here in the forum) with respect to having a closet full of projects waiting in the wings. Ace Co Entertainment seems like the perfect vehicle for developing and presenting these.


Keep up the creativity and creating those characters Dan... that's what Animation:Master excels at.

You know I'll keep coming back here to see them. :)


Aside: Over the last couple years I've been considering how best to work on a dozen or so (personal) projects simultaneously and I haven't quite found the ideal recipe... although I do know that it relates to serialization. It looks to me like you've began to launch out on that very thing.

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Rodney, PW is still very much my main focus (In fact I'm taking a break from one of the panels to reply) but moving forward I want A.C.E (see even the acronym is ace :P ) to appeal to a broad audience and not be a one trick pony. The plan is to build Ace.Co as a brand with its own original programming but eventually bring in outside talent under the umbrella. Although I admit that's a long way off.


Robert, no I wasn't the mole, I was a wolf called Zach. He's in the first comic with the Barry the Ram and Koby the panther. The mole was based off the stores produce manager. Her real life counterpart was a small woman who thought she was the best produce manager in the history of produce managers. The only problem being that she was awful at culling her department and so there was always rotten things on the shelves. The joke became that she was blind so I incorporated that into her character. Moles are petty much blind when they're not underground and they're small rodent creatures so they were an obvious choice. I also made it so her character actually had glasses that made her eyes look huge because the prescription was so strong.

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