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Anyone got a link to a good tut on doing the female figure? I'm working on the body of my latest and haven't been able to get it right. I'm still searching around but I'm hoping you guys can point me in the right direction quicker. Thanks :)

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There are bars here in Detroit where you can go and have a beer and do lots of studying...

Seriously though... there are differing opinions on 'beauty' and the female figger... I recommned looking for a model posted a few years back by Serg2... his opinion parallels my own... and the girls at the bars here in Detroit.

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>Yves posted some stunning topology some time ago too...



Its a real shame, that she is probably rotting on his harddrive, due to him changing software.


Also Tanazassis girl is a real work of art. and Mr. Talbots.


Also a pity that they are out of service...


Maybe we should put up a collection of the nicest splinedesign somewherè?


female, male, head, body, realistic, stylized....


This link also could be interesting for your style:









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