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    Dell XPS 3.0 Ghz, 800 FSB, 1 Gig RAM, Mouse, keyboard, plug
  1. Hahaha! 512 of memory. And you actually were rendering 3D with that? I didn't start until I had at least 2MB! I can see you are one of the original users. I am looking forward to the new one. Please let us know when it is finished. Will you be making a blog for it? Best of luck and keep up the good work.
  2. Every once in a while someone does something that just kind of makes me say "holy cow". This is one of those times. Excellent work on the Kafka short. Excellent pre-vis on the new one. What's the new one about basically? All Animation Master? By the way, how did you hear about Animation Master? Just curious. Really great stuff.
  3. This is really cool stuff! Great work going on here. What is that ocean rig? There must have been a thread I missed somewhere... Would someone point it out to me? How'd you do those clouds robert. Were they done with sprites or particles?
  4. Cool! I just discovered these series of tutorials. I look forward to watching all of them. Thanks for making them!
  5. Hey Rob, Nice animation. What kind of rig did you use to do it? Your own?
  6. Love that subtle variation in the surface with the bump maps. Excuse my lack of knowledge here, but what exactly is a normal map. I've heard the term bandied around and think that I've seen some pretty dayglow colors on something one time, but I still have no idea what it is all about. How do they differ from bump maps? In any case the rivets look good (although they look like bump maps to me).
  7. Quick question: Was there any major work done (such as increased functionality) to the hair system in version 16, or 15 for that matter. I am still running version 14 on a 32 bit system but plan to upgrade to a new system and version 16 after the new year. By the way, that movie looks great. Also just read Matt Campbell's pdf. Very interesting! Thanks!
  8. Hey thanks for posting those nice splinage examples.
  9. maybe when I write my book. Seriously Rob, are you really working on a book? That would be great.
  10. This won't play for some reason? Can anybody else watch it?
  11. animas3D


    Wow. This was really good. Looks like you've done your homework studying classic Disney films. Great work and good luck!
  12. Wow, just saw this. Awesome. When the rope hits the floor it kind of jiggles around a bit in its coil. I suppose that is because the cloth simulator is going through some calculations. Is there any way to minimize this. Also, I suppose the model is a very long extruded ring. Can you give some idea as to how many cross sections you used? 16, 32, more? P.S. What's the chance you do a tutorial on this one? Thanks!
  13. Hi ya, Haven't checked around here for a bit. Where can I see Bus Stop???
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