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  1. Hey Rob, Nice animation. What kind of rig did you use to do it? Your own?
  2. Happy Birthday Martin, wherever you are...
  3. I thought this *was* your work! As for me, it would be cool if the weighting box could have the option to stay open all the time and change dynamically depending on which cps are selected. Also, I agree that if you are weighting a bunch of cps, they should all dynamically add up to 100%.
  4. Thanks Steffen, It's great to see more progress on our great software. I am looking forward to checking it out. I can't seem to access the video either however. Have the permissions been reset when the forum was moved to another server?
  5. Hi Rodney,

    I just read some of your comments on another forum and wanted to send you a word of agreement. Is there anyway that I can send you a personal message?


  6. OK, I just renewed it. Whew, I was started to have withdrawal symptoms. Thanks Hash Inc., for making such great software that is so fun to use and at an affordable price! Viva Animation Master! Now back to work...
  7. Launched Animation Master today, but it didn't load. Subscription must be expired. Does anyone know the steps to renew? What do I do?
  8. This is something that I would like to know as well. I am planning to get After Effects CS3 but don't have it yet. I thought maybe Photoshop would do it, but I can't seem to find any info about it. Another reason why Hash burns the competition. It would be very useful to have it in AE however. Please post any info you may find out about AE CS3 and EXR. -J
  9. Thanks, I really like your character. Look forward to see more. Would it be possible for you, or someone else briefly explain how one can set up a cp to be controlled by more than one bone? Joe
  10. Is what you mean by "new bones falloff" related to "weighted cps"? For a while I've been wanting to know what this is, after I've heard about it. I have the following few questions if anyone would be able to answer: 1. What are weighted cps? How are they used? 2. Are they a feature of Animation Master or a third party plug-in? 3. What version of Animation Master are they implemented in? Version 11? 4. Are they currently fully implemented? 5. How do weighted cps relate to or do away with fan bones and smartskin? 6. Is there any place that I can go to read or find out more about weighted cps? Any other information would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Joe.
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