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Hey everyone. I've been out of the "computer specs" loop for years. I used to build computers when I was younger, but phased out. I have a laptop now, but I don't think it's powerful enough for this program (graphically it leaves "trails" of the textures when a model moves). So I'm in the market for a new laptop. One that is for gaming and animation (figured if it can do gaming it should be good for animation.)


Now, I called Alienware and received a quote with specs, but I heard they were overpriced. This is what they said:


Intel Core i7 740QM Quad Core Processor, 1.73GHz (2.93GHz Turbo Mode, 6M Cache)

8GB Dual Channel Memory (2x 4GB DDR3)

15.6-inch Wide FHD 1920x1080 (1080p) WLED



AlienFX Color, Quasar Blue

Alienware Command Center Software

Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English

DataSafe Local BackUp 2.0 Basic

PC-Restore, Dim/Insp

Alienhead 3D


Obviously that will run this program and be an ultimate gaming machine, but is it TOO much? I want to have a good machine to render textures and do everything Animation Master will allow and them some. So any thoughts? Advice? Just go to Best Buy or ?



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As far as your current graphic trails, that's likely a video driver thing. Try updating them. Or maybe back dating them will fix it. Or sometime control panel setting is all.


I new laptop? What you've spec'd is better than what I have in my desktop. I presume it can drive a second monitor for more desktop space if you plug one in. I like to put the PWS on a second screen by itself.


Alienware is certainly a higher priced way to go.

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Alienware is pricing those specs at $2300. I've been looking around and I'm sure I can find one almost $500 less. Just want to make sure what I get will work. Plus, my laptop now is almost 4 yrs old. It's not supported anymore by HP and I've updated the drivers, etc and still does it.

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You can never have too much power, but equally AM runs well on an old machine. It's not the running but the rendering usually. Unless you have a huge scene. In which case, memory, a good processor and graphics card will stand you in good stead.


It seems odd that drivers are stopped after just four years. Maybe we're just moving that fast now.

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Are you sure you want a laptop?


You get faster machines for less on the using a desktop-pc...

Especially in the 3d-sector you will like to have the abillity to extend the RAM and the graphiccard and so on.


See you and think about it: Do you really need a laptop?


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There is a nice ASUS in BestBuy.com that only cost's $1,249.99



Asus - Laptop / Intel® Core™ i7 Processor / 17.3" Display / 6GB Memory / 500GB Hard Drive - Black


And it has an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 with 1GB of ram. I don't know how they packed that Graphic card into the laptop but it's the second fastest ATI card, it has 1600 Stream Processing Units and if you go to NVIDIA their fastest card has 480 Cuda cores. I hope this helps.

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I just bought an Alienware Aurora and it was well worth the money... for myself anyway. Alienware to me is the Rolls Royce of computers. Download my review and unzip it then open it (if it won't open in your browser, open it in MS Word).




You can run AM with a lot less but it depends on what you're doing and with that system you can do anything! For games, well you know about that. Besides the bells and whistles mentioned in my review, I'm not sure I mentioned the upgradeable -- this system will last twice as long as a regular system.



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Thank you for all the replies. I saw the Asus before and was curious about it. Probably go check that out tomorrow. I'm sure that will do gaming and animation based on what you said.


And definitely want a laptop due to it's "mobility". I travel a lot so it would be ideal.


Once again, thanks for all the replies.

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