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  1. Yes please explain the code, only if you have the time. The is no rush, I understand that you are busy.
  2. Actually if they can be treated as props when it comes to shading, that will do. Maby adding a button to set it to display and render as prop.
  3. Anyway: I think the idea of rasikrodri is very valuable... using peaked, non-continuous patches to recreat polygones should get rid of many problems we are facing currently. I'll asked Steffen about the smoothing-algorithm for final rendering... since those are really around for a long time now, I can see that work quite easily... One problem I can see with that is the refind normals calculation time (that will take a long time for heavier models) but maybe if you declare a group as peaked / non-continous it could work faster? I am not sure about that... See you *Fuchur* Not only
  4. Yep, the problem was that I am compiling for 32 bit. Thanks
  5. Do you know about any breaking changes that may cause plugins for AM15 to not even appear in AM16. I am trying to run some of amy al pluging efforts!
  6. Thank's a lot. You all are very nice people!
  7. There is a nice ASUS in BestBuy.com that only cost's $1,249.99 With: Asus - Laptop / Intel® Core™ i7 Processor / 17.3" Display / 6GB Memory / 500GB Hard Drive - Black And it has an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 with 1GB of ram. I don't know how they packed that Graphic card into the laptop but it's the second fastest ATI card, it has 1600 Stream Processing Units and if you go to NVIDIA their fastest card has 480 Cuda cores. I hope this helps.
  8. Maybe if you divided the render in four or more parts. Returning the camera to 0,0,0, and rotation to 0,0, 0, then adding for cameras each with the size of a fourth of the main camera. Place each camera covering a fourth of the main camera. Constraint the to translate too and orient lake the main camera. Render each of the fourth cameras and join the four images in photo shop.
  9. What technique are you using for scanning objects into the computer. Do you use a laser equipment?
  10. Ho! Thank you a lot. So in oder for the plugin to work correctly I need to have 2 windows open, the model window and the realtionship(action) window. Than run the plugin from the model window. Thanks again, It worked.
  11. Sorry, I am using a PC This is the dialog I got it to mirror the constraints. It crashes if the name of the pose were you created the constraints dose not contains the word right or left. Also it resets all the constraints (left and right side) to 100 (At least it does it with the orientlike constraints that I have assigned in this model) Before using mirror constraints After using mirror constraints Here is the project Project1.prj Also do you know were to get instructions about how to use this plugin. I have been looking around for a lon
  12. I was wondering if the Mirror Constraint plugin works for anyone else. Every time I try it it crashes AM. I am starting it from the modeling window. I am using AM v.15d It will be not nice at all to have to constraint the left side (specially the left hand) of the model every time y modify it (I have a base model that I plan to recycle using it to create more models from it and this involves moving bones around a bit according to body constitution). Thanks
  13. Yes I am having the same problem, it's happening a lot.
  14. I need a car setup, like the one you mentioned above, but the link you supplied does not work.
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