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Just found a great flight-sim game called "OVER FLANDERS FIELDS". So I've been hanging out on their Forum, flying and soaking my head in WWI lore. With A:M at my fingertips, I had to try a few planes. Here's the Fokker D.VIII. Some accounts claim this successor to the justly famed Fokker D.VII was unresponsive to the controls and under-powered due to the Oberusel rotary engine. [Fokker Triplanes shared that engine and problem] Other accounts say that if the war had lasted longer, the D.VIII would have emerged as the deadliest fighter of either side. It suffered from construction problems at first. Fokker's normally high standards had eroded, [he also contracted out a lot of construction.] but when that was addressed, the problems ceased.


Technically, this planes was the E.V. ['E' for Eindecker, or Monoplane; 'D' for Doppeldecker', or bi-plane.] But after it's teething troubles, the appelation was changed to D.VIII to disguise the bad rep., and to piggyback on the reputation of the very successful D.VII.


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...If you... I beg, animate it!!!!

And then what? Fact is, I have no immediate use for it, but if anyone here would like to play with it, I'll post the model and textures.


I did build it, it's not from the game. Of course, when I post the pic. on the 'Over Flanders Field' site, the guys there are going to grouse because it can't be imported into the game.

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So German planes were being built in the Netherlands?

Partly. Anthony Fokker was a Dutch pilot who started building his own versions of the things he had been paid to fly. He toured Holland and Germany extensively and built strong ties to German Officer Corp. When the war came, and he was supplying more and more planes, the bulk of them were built in new factories in Germany. But Fokker himself, and the company, remained Dutch. After the war, that really p****d off the Allies, who really wanted to find an excuse to slap Fokker around a little.


Nancy: Yes, there should be a prop disc of some sort. As I am going to do a few more WWI planes, it's time to dig out the tutorial on Multiple Frames One Frame.

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