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Finished Character


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Hey everyone - this is my first shot at modelling a character with an outward mouth/jaw (animal) the other 4 characters I have done have flat faces, so I decided to give it a try. I asked my 3 year old what I should make and he said a rat.. when it was finished, he said it was "bad - make a new one", so I have a 3 years old opinion so far ;)


I am more interested in the modelling end of 3D animation, but I also put him in a short 20 second animation since my animation skills could use some work too. I put the character up on my site - he is the 5th one over on the top - pic of the rat. Any suggestions to make future projects better would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Eric


3D Character Animation Website

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Hi - thanks for the compliments. Robcat - that was kinda odd - I combed the hair down from the profile view just like I did from the front and still had the same look w/ the hair sticking out - I may go back in there and give it another try. He currently has an unkept scruffy rat look ;) Thanks - Eric

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Zaryin - hadn't tried any hair shaders - it surprising only took about 10 hours to render - compared to the Teddy Bare one that took about 150 hours - not sure why that took so long - same computer. Thanks Dhar - yes that first gumstick character is looking pretty weak, he was the first char and project though, so we'll cut him some slack. ;) The site took too long to make and is a complex mess of loading and unloading flash movies... but the finished product turned out pretty good. Thanks - E

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