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I am going to be starting to model some things to use in a Super Mario Film. if anyone wants to join in, just tell me. I would love some extra help. The only thing I really have trouble with are characters :( thats a bad thing to be bad at :lol: So. I will be posting what I make here over the course of the next few months I think.

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Hey NoA,

Just a question but, dont you have like five difrent projects started? and you havent even finished any of them. And you are volunteering to work on other projects, And you wanted to borow some models to start an entirely new movie. Making a movie is hard. You need actors for the characters. you need to be a good animator. you have to be a good modler. you have to build sets, and light the sets. then you have to find the time to render the "movie". Its really pretty hard, at least it is if you are doing it on your own.

Also, not that many people can help out on a open project. I mean no one has seen you come throuh with your other projects. Maybe you should set one smaller goal, and get there first. Before you go and try to make a billion movies. cool. thanks.


-dude :)

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I know what you mean. I am seeing what I can do. I tryed starting projects when I was not experienced barely at all at this, so now I want to buckle down. right now, I am learning the modeling aspect. so yeah. I dont think this will become a movie just yet, but, in the future it will.

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hey nuns just let me tell you your doing a great job and your going on the same path i did about 5 years ago

i was always starting projects and never finishing them (i got about 35 im working if i still contribute to them still lol)

what you should do is start one project and stick to it

you say you have trouble modeling chracters well so do (and still do to some extendnt)

start small like that leg you were doing try building off of that

my first chracter was a ball with 2 eyes and sticks for legs but he was still a chracter


so what im saying is start small and build on it

hope this helps



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dude that shy guys is actualy way off, don't use the gba same a rotospope.


here, these are some expamples of what i'm talking about.








just to let you know your render should be more cartoony than realistic, it looked like you were doing for a metal look or some thing. need any help?

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the pole in the middle should be bigger.


and i under stand you wanted realism, but metallic isn't the way to go, a shyguy isn't a character you can make realistic easily. what you need to do to get it real looking is to learn lighting(and not the setup thats already there), you can keep the model smooth and cartoony looking but it can be presented to work in a real world back ground.


here are some links, study them a bit.













i hope these help, but befor you start on testing lighting finish the shy guy the right way first....ok?

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one ore thing too, i thought of a way to make the shyguys more realistic. i rememberd that in the new super smash bros game coming out marios clothe are more textured than in past games his overalls actualy looked like jeans more than rubber. what you need to do is make the shyguys cloaks look like a fabric using a texture, and have there mask look more plastic and the belt look like a real belt. and the buckle look metallic(thats the only thing that should look metallic).

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