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  1. Hey guys, Sorry i havn't posted in forever, but ive been really busy. I have yet to anything with this guy, but i found this "beauty" shot of him on my hard drive and thought i would post it. I really like the lighting on this one, but i cant remember how i did it. Anyway, i wanna hear what everyone thinks. -dude
  2. Oh! And here is a lip sync test! idiot2l.mov -dude
  3. Well, not really. Ive played around with lighting a little. I also wanted to see what he looked like with hair. So i ended up puttin this together. Thanks, -dude
  4. hey totlover, Not to steal your originality, but this looked like too much fun. Let me know if you would let me make some beans for you. Maybe I could be in that ten. Here is a quick bean I made, tring to stick to your style. Its BACHELOR- BEAN! sorry I didnt ask first... -dude
  5. hehe ...Braveheart Flubnub. Just playin around.
  6. Why dont you make this an open project. Every one makes thier own bean, and then we can make a group scene of all the beans togeter. It would be a lot of fun. Having like 100 difrent beans. -dude
  7. Thanks Andy! He has that same effect on me too. -dude
  8. Sorry no updates in a while. I've been really busy at school. BM: I noticed the creasing in the crothc too, but I dont know what they are from. All the splines are smooth. Heres the animation I said I would post. I made it a while ago, to test out my rig, and to practice my animation. Just never had time to post it. Flubnub2.mov -dude
  9. Hey NoA, Just a question but, dont you have like five difrent projects started? and you havent even finished any of them. And you are volunteering to work on other projects, And you wanted to borow some models to start an entirely new movie. Making a movie is hard. You need actors for the characters. you need to be a good animator. you have to be a good modler. you have to build sets, and light the sets. then you have to find the time to render the "movie". Its really pretty hard, at least it is if you are doing it on your own. Also, not that many people can help out on a open project. I mean no one has seen you come throuh with your other projects. Maybe you should set one smaller goal, and get there first. Before you go and try to make a billion movies. cool. thanks. -dude
  10. Oh, by the way, dose the splining look ok? I think it might need a little more tweeking. -dude
  11. Ill post a quick animation tommarow. -dude
  12. Thanks Peoples! I just finished riging him today. Hes pretty much ready to animate, but I not sure if I want to texture him first. Here's a wire frame. -dude
  13. Lol I think I like Flubnub. Yeah.. Flubnub. i think flubnub needs a brother..maybe I'll name him Bulfbun. -dude
  14. I thought that every one seemed to have thier own character, and i wanted to model one to represent me. So I modeled this guy: I drew him in my science notebook, then moodleled him. hehe. Anybody have a good name for him? -dude
  15. Dude.. thats really freaky, I was thinking the exact same thing the other day. I thought that every one seemed to have thier own character, and i wanted to model one to represent me. So I modeled this guy: I drew him in my science notebook, then moodleled him. hehe. Dont want to steal your thread, so I think I'll make a new Wip thread for him. anyway, I like your character. But somthing about the eyes bug me. I think the metal ring, would look better if it was a spiral, so you kan put things on it. But other than that, it looks great. -dude
  16. Of course I tried using a rotoscope, but I couldn't find any good pictures.
  17. I built the mesh from scratch. It's really messy because I couldnt really tell any details from the import, so I really couldnt tell the shape of the helmet. It's kinda wierd, because i couldnt find any good refrence photos of Master Chief. Thats why i used the import. -dude
  18. I've been wanting to model master chief for a while now, even though I dont have either of the games, and have finaly found the time to start. I used a free master chief model from turbo squid, ripped directly from the game, and imported it for refrence. Since 3ds's dont import verry well, it wasn't much help. So far I've finished the helmet only. Wireframes: With better lighting: Next i'm going to work on the body! -Dude
  19. Hey Tralfaz, I think the solution is to add a 5 point patch where the crease is. Then you can run the other spline up and make a hook a couple patches up...I think. -whiz
  20. Any updates? Its been quite a while. I'd love to hear how this project is going!
  21. Heres a quick little character thats really fun to animate! His name... Odd Ball. [attachmentid=21237][attachmentid=21246] So far I have rigged him, abd gave him a few mouth poses. I am not sure if i should texture him or not. oh, i almost forgot heres a 360 view of him.[attachmentid=21241] Odd_Ball___360.mov
  22. Thanks Guys. Those are both pretty much the reference pictures im using. I tried one of the pictures as a decal and it looks great! [attachmentid=20736] What do you mean by metalic lighting? Im using a sky-light now, what should I be using? -dude
  23. Last night I started a model of a machine gun. I am using the Colt M4 as reference. I've got most of the basic splining done and I'm now working on details. But for some reason it dosnt look right, anybody have any ideas on how to make it better?This isn't for any kind of project or anything, just for practice/fun . [attachmentid=20728] Wire frame: [attachmentid=20729]
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