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  1. It was a shame to hear about Avalanche getting dropped by Disney last week. Hope all the old-school A:M users there find new jobs quickly.
  2. It's funny that I should happen to cruise by the Hash forums today, as I probably only do it once a year these days. From 2007 to 2010 I was working at Blur in LA, but switched over to the video casino gaming sector in 2011 so I could move back home to Nevada to be near family and have a better work-life balance. I still do a lot of 3D environment stuff, it's just for slot machines instead of videogames/movies. I have a website that's in need of an overhaul, and tend to post sketches and such at my ArtStation page. I haven't done any 3D at home in quite a few years, but I just built a new desktop a couple weeks back and am looking forward to trying to get back into it; particularly real-time stuff and GPU rendering. We use Unity at work, but we're a couple versions behind, and those new lighting tools in 5 are calling my name. Thanks for asking about me, and any of you A:M old-timers are quite welcome to add me on Facebook!
  3. Good to see you guys too Rodger: another compliment I wanted to pay you - I like that you add a bit of wobble to your panels with a bump map. Makes for interesting highlights, and keeps things looking hand-made. I think you've been doing that for a while though. At any rate, it still works. I almost never render anything without adding some low-frequency bump wobble to the surface.
  4. Rodger, it warms my heart that you are still doing this kind of thing. I haven't had a chance to use A:M in years, but knowing you're still chugging away at these awesome trains is pretty great. Nice paint shader, BTW.
  5. Definitely put it in a sealed box. Ported subs sound like butt *fond memories of my old MTX Thunder 8500 and 1.2 kilowatt amp* I really need a system in my new car . . .
  6. Hate to tell you this, but I'm not sure you've mapped it correctly. Greenland looks particularly distorted, and everything seems too wide east to west.
  7. This is some really solid work, considering your age. You'll go far in CG. Get the character out from behind the desk for the next piece. Let's see some full-body animation.
  8. Really great piece. My favorite of the entries. Good job!
  9. Really nice. The lighting looks spot-on. The only thing I don't like is the design of the camera. It seems a little plain-looking, like primatives mashed together. Otherwise though, great-looking set!
  10. really great work guys!
  11. woah, this looks cool. Wish I had time to play with it.
  12. a fun topic. I've, uh, explored it a bit myself. "July 12th, 2062 - discovery of hos on venus" oh and
  13. So how do you stop a render and keep the image it's rendered so far? If you can fit the whole thing on screen, just hit printscrn and paste into your favorite image editor. Do it before you abort the render though, as A:M seems to occassionally empty the frame buffer and hide the image when you abort a multipass (I wish it didn't). bentothemax: Glad to be able to provide some motivation for you. Find something in CG that interests you greatly and persue an in-depth understanding of it. People will eventually take notice.
  14. I think the enivironment and saucer both look fine, but the way the camera is constrained to aim at the ship in the first shot is . . . well, BAD. You're doing a disservice to what could be a very cool sequence. Try tracking your camera by hand, instead of contraining it to the saucer. You'd get a much nicer shot, I think.
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