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  1. Thanks Noah. I am glad that My work can inspire some one. Your generous comments are much appreciated. Tobias
  2. cronos- You too, being late worked out, we both placed. Wegg- Thanks. I agree with you on that one. I felt the background detracted from my character a little too much. Sadly the scenery took only a fraction of the time it took to make the Caterpillar. Brian- Thank you.
  3. Great dragon! I was glad to see that you made the contest this morning. Tobias
  4. Cronos - Thanks.. Glad to see that you made the contest too. Martin- Thank you for checking up on that. Rodney- I will take a look at the mrs. yoops cstle sketches. I'll get back to you on that one. Paul - The link was helpful. I tried to google it yesterday, and only got butterfly pictures. very colorful, and interesting stuff. Cosmonaut- Thanks.. I am happy that it finally got there. Zaryin and Bentothemax - Some time in the next week, i will post some wireframe shots, and the lighting specs over in the radiosity forum. If any one wants the scene without the caterpillar, i would love to contribute it. I don't have any web space at the moment so help on that would be needed. Tobias
  5. I am glad that he portrays some personality. I couldn't tweak him enough it seemed, so thanx. All animation master. I used radiosity for that photo look. It took forever, but was worth the wait i think. Tobias
  6. I will try to refrain from using thanx too much, but there it is again. I rigged everything but the feet for animation, i cant figure out what to do with those yet. They are posable, but there isn't any ease of animation functionality (cant find his center). When i rebuild his feet i will make them animation ready. After i get that squared away, i will try for some animation. Of course i am going to need a proxy model, due to his extreme heft. As for guide lines, i don't know. I missed something along the way. It just didn't get there. Please forgive the shiny newbie responses, its my first time you know. Tobias
  7. Thanks again for the nice comments. If this computer stuff was just a little easier to put together(time wise) i might try at making some illustrated kids books. This was my first rigged character, and probably the last one i will make with 14 appendages.
  8. Thanks for commenting. I sent it in on time, but think that i failed to follow some guide lines or something. I haven't seen anything from 'The Butterflies' Ball', and will have to check it out.
  9. Well i sent this picture in for the mascot contest on the 30th, but it didn't get there i guess. I thought that i would post it so as to be seen. Thanks for any comments. [attachmentid=10636]
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