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  1. Very interesting! I use Miraizon for years now to export prores on Windows and it works great, but they do not seem to sell it anymore. I'll look into it. Thxs for this.
  2. My name is KNbits and I just wanted to say hi. I used A:M quite a bit years ago and I'm looking to get back at it as a hobby, curious to see how it evolved since. I'm glad to see familiar names still hanging around the Forum. See you soon!
  3. He he so I still have the pole!
  4. Final size: 720 X 405. Really? Isn't a bit small? In these days of YouTube going HD, might as well go for at least 720p. Render time: 0:41 (V13)
  5. I love the new trashcan, but I'm perfectly fine with both. Great work Mark. Thxs for providing the playground for this.
  6. The bus stop is great. I like the idea.
  7. I'm inspired by both. The "variation on the same theme" is a good thing though. Two environments in a one-shot camera style would add a bit of narrative confusion and technical difficulties in my opinion.
  8. I agree. I think constraints and guidelines are good, but at some point it might get a bit in the way. I personally prefer the simple idea of a room and camera movement (constrained on the beginning and end for continuity). The "rear window" variant is great, but I assume it would add a lead-in / lead-out requirement for each scene right?
  9. I love the idea. Count me in!
  10. Happy Birthday!

    Hope its a great one. :)

  11. Awesome gift to the AM Community. Thxs Anzovin Studios!
  12. Yeah awesome! So you just let patches going through other patches? Like the sides penetrate in the "wheel" section at the back of the model?
  13. Wow pretty amazing. Your mechanical experience really show up.
  14. I wouldn't go SLI/Crossfire. Not only you add an entire level of troubleshooting in the mix, but also the gain from it usually isn't worth the cost, except if you running games at 1920X1080 and higher. One good graphic card will do fine, and you won't need expensive motherboard and power supply. I'm very pleased with my Q6600. AM won't take advantage of the multicore when working in the program, but you can launch multiple instance and render multiple frames (up to three, you won't see any performance hit). Intel just released a new line of CPU, the Q9XXX, which would be a better choice if you'd buy it today. A faster dual core E8400 wolfdale would also be a very good choice, depending on how you use AM and if you have any program that can take advantage of a Quad. For the motherboard, I can recommand the GA-P35-DS3L from Gigabyte as a solid inexpensive choice.
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