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  1. I/you/they have not succeeded in understanding a thing. or AM installed on windows 7 64 bit intel 4 cores 8 g ram Does AM succeed in exploiting more than a core? because when I send him/it in rendering the cpu it goes only to 25%. I remembered me that in a version preceding wax the possibility to select the number of the cpu, but in the 15g I don't find this option anymore. thanks
  2. Sins of youth!!!! I have to return to accustom Animation Master to use me for some particular ones. They agree with tea for the volume of the ball, when it is crushed, it is also for the trajectory of the jump, even if for the trajectory, the thing has been wanted exaggerated on purpose. //P.S. My daughter likes your animation.// At least the scene someone is liked.
  3. other attempt of animation of base, of a ball. link Now I will look for in the next animations, to animate a biped model. Initially I thought about the model of Thom with the 2008 rig seen in some posts little by little!!
  4. It tries animation of the tentacles of the whole body of the alien one the rest of the animation is approximate http://www.webalice.it/zeus1972/assets/mul.../tentacol33.avi
  5. According to Google: They are of agreement with you, I would better have made to animate the television camera by hand. you excuse I have forgotten to translate
  6. Sono d'accordo con te, avrei fatto meglio ad animare la telecamera a mano ciao
  7. You the staircase and animate with the dynamics of AM You for the spaceship was better perhaps that I/you had animated the hand television camera, the everything be results a more realistic pò. They agree also with you for the fact that the central part of the animation is a too long. Thanks for your suggestions, I will keep in mind of it for the next animations. Excuse for my bad English, some times use the automatic translator, and it is not a big that. In done I have mistaken the translation in the tape. hi
  8. Thanks John The next animation will concern, the abductions from the alien ones. But the four pilots of the crew won't be seen anchor, because they are still in phase of modeling hi
  9. Thanks for the suggestions Rodney The name Alien bastard has been given because, the crew formed by 4 individuals, will combine many troubles. The next animations to which job will be very amusing, at least I hope for him/it, this is my intent. hi
  10. I hope that I/you/he/she like good vision http://www.webalice.it/zeus1972/html/alien%20bastard.html
  11. very beautiful, compliments I would like to also see some model in wireframe hi
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