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  1. An idea for some added bit of interest/complication: The animators could attempt to coordinate their exits and entrances. Example: If Animator Andy has Thom leave a room by stumbling backward through the door, and Animator Jimmy has the next room, then Jimmy has to finish Thom's backward stumble/fall in Thom's entrance into Jimmy's scene. It would be a good way to practice teamwork and continuity. But it may be a level of complexity that can be skipped for a fun exercise like this.
  2. Looks like it will be awesome! and reminds me of the old 20,000 Years Under the Sea Ride at Disney World, not to mention the movie.
  3. I've seen a variety of materials legally distributed by torrents. Torrents allow you to spread the bandwidth load among all the people downloading a file instead of having them all try to get it exclusively from your server. That said, I suspect the majority of torrents are used for illegal downloads.
  4. you are mr. wizard with this software. Next up, cumulonimbus with rain and lightning and maybe a tornado?
  5. BrainLock


    Got it now. Thanks much!
  6. BrainLock


    The ZIP for the last one, "Ogre," appears to be corrupted. Two un-archivers refused to open it for me.
  7. I wonder if you could sell it through Lulu.com or another such print-on-demand service.
  8. read all about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Edmund_Fitzgerald
  9. Strange... the larger ones looked more real, more natural. The smaller ones look like implants.
  10. Interesting that it's blocked in Germany. Perhaps it is copyright. Meanwhile, when your video plays for me in the U.S., a window pops up offering me a chance to buy the song on iTunes or at Amazon.com.
  11. Just as I was really starting to get into it, I had to bow out early last year to handle a crisis in the "real world" (and I'm still dealing with some fallout from it). And my main computer broke down. But I hope to pick up the bat again soon. Nice to see that TWO is finished and another movie is on the way. I'd like to change my screen name. Can anyone advise me on that?
  12. Great job. Looking forward to seeing your live action scene with it.
  13. Stian is amazing. However, Tralfaz, I believe that the background environment behind the airplane in the image actually is a photograph. It's a testament to his talent and skill that his model is so real looking that he can seamlessly mix it with real-life images.
  14. looks great! Are you doing the interior, too?
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