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  1. How did you animate the cracked ground?
  2. Here is a basic jump. Any input is greatly appreciated. goober_jump2.mov
  3. Thanks for the comments! In the process of animating it, I realized that an arc path would look better, I just ran out of time. I will go back and try to fix it. Also, I wanted to show him hit the ground, but did not have enough time. I'm just trying to animate simple actions. I set a time limit and then work like crazy. Once the time is up, I hit render. I had 45 minutes for this exercise. I will get back to it to refine the motion soon. Thanks again, your input is greatly appreciated. Edit: I added some arc to his trajectory. goober_splat_final_5.mov
  4. I know this one is not perfect. I was bored. Input is always appreciated. Thanks, goober_splat2.mov
  5. Thanks to all for your comments and suggestions! This helps out tremendously, and feedback is the best learning tool.
  6. I have been away for a long time, and I am getting the itch to animate again. I began to play around with A:M again. Here is what I came up with in a few hours. There are errors with floating hands and such, but over all I feel like it came out better than I anticipated. Your thoughts? throw2.mov
  7. Cute character! Nice design! The tail needs loosening up. I know you stated the tail was not animated yet, but it will look good as a secondary movement as soon as you get it rigged. I think a belly jiggle would be a nice addition too. to help convey the weight of the character. But hey, it looks good now. Just my $0.02 worth. I really like it!
  8. Very nice design! great looking character. Can you post some wireframe images so we can see how you modeled her? I like the pose! Great work!
  9. Thanks for the input! I will incorporate your suggestions. Also, I want to make the body one complete mesh, right now the arms and legs are seperate. I will post my changes as soon as possible. Thanks again for the info.
  10. Clan of the "clay" bear... Here is another character I've been working on. Need input, crits, suggestions, etc.
  11. I am in the Central Valley, about 1.5 hours away. Lets all get together... Say 1/2 way... Pleasonton? Lets get a date and find a place... I'm game. I would really like to start or be part of a group. Email me in private if you are willing to attend and lets get this thing going. 1)need a place to meet 2)need date and time (saturdays would be nice) 3)need a few topics to cover 4)any achievments you have done with A:M you wish to share (renders, animations, etc.) Once a month would be cool!
  12. Nice! Can you post some wireframe images?
  13. I like your shark, nice modeling. Can you post some wireframe images? I tried the same thing a while back... link Keep us informed of your progress. Looks good!
  14. Excellent! Can you show us some "behind the scenes" pictures? Wireframes, characters, etc. As always, you do some amazing work!
  15. Nice! Can you post Wireframe images?
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