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  1. With a AM character and two random picture I found online created this simple animation to relax afte a rather busy day
  2. Thom trying to disguise himself from my posts


  3. could not remember how to setup amplitude but got the results I was tinkering toward mp4 version: testingmodelidea.mp4 testingmodelidea.avi
  4. Martin's Minutes got me to spend more than minutes with Animation Master and I have to say thank you
  5. In case you where wondering what does he look like
  6. started on new beaver then render for no good reason gave attached blurred results I decide that beaver would die and erased the file might try again later whatisit.avi
  7. No must of done it by mistake....
  8. found these on old cd and did quick animation
  9. Was Tinkering again easy1.prj Model1.mdl
  10. Foiund some cars on 2005 CD and did quick animation



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    2. johnl3d


      I can try to but having issues since my renewal



    3. robcat2075


      Your A:M license doesn't affect using the forum.

      But your A:M license is working, right?

    4. johnl3d


      Not sure just know it took  awhile to get a password that would work and still cannot get the password to work on chromebooks I have

  11. Just decide to play with Thom tonight newthom.prj
  12. After some hiccups getting license renewed I am back ..did a simple project for fun newone.prj
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