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  1. You know there is a way to have z-buffered shadows with a sun light. It's not 100% physically accurate or automatic but it works. Actually, let me make sure it still works ... then I'll post an explanation.
  2. Here is the prj file: smoke_column.prj Made in version 13. It's structure is a bit messy as far as my project files go, but it was a sort of a rushed example. One thing to keep in mind is that I created it with no real application in mind other than the smoke image itself. Serious planning in advance (i.e. camera angles, duration of shot, lighting etc.) would be required to make any kind of useful effect. Hope it shines some light on the answers you are looking for. Javier
  3. Here is a quick motion test without particles. Certainly rough, but with some time the desired timing and overall effect of the plume could be perfected. Hope this helps. smoke_motion.mov
  4. Sorry I wasn't a bit more clear. The image I posted was just a quick test I made to approximate the example you posted. I haven't animated it yet, and I don't have any of the tests I originally did, but it is a fairly straight-forward process. Animation would be done with muscle mode transformations of the mesh, or a few bones applied to the mesh to control the scale, rotation etc. The timing would be a little tricky to set up, especially for the transformation of the materials, but with a little forethought, it could be accomplished. I'll see if I can make a quick and dirty example to show.
  5. Hi, I have not posted on this forum in a while, but your question reminded me of some tests I had done a long time ago. The effect you want can be achieved, but it would take a bit of work to animate it properly. Nothing really fancy, just a model with materials controlling displacement, color and transparency. The addition of streak particle emitters and a little blurring finishes the effect. It would probably be better to render the smoke separately and then composite to really control the softness. Hope this helps.
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