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  1. great work Satyajit. This is Flog! Hey I wanted to tell you that you have reached the next level in skill. You have gotten even better than before. Truly moving forward and with great speed! I wanted to commend you on your progress and I noticed you scooped up Neplox! Great artist! I was going to mention on the girls the mouth area seems to have a little pinch to the cheeks around the mouth. You may want to smooth it out a bit. Especially around the corners of the mouth. Other than that superb!
  2. Wow I have not been to this forum in awhile and my first visit back I see such an amazing software. There is a few other softwares out there that may be better than your product but not much. The face/robot costs $90,000 with Animator liscenses of 14,000 a peice. There is two more companies that do it but don't share the software and that service is $5,000-10,000 a day. There is another similiar software for 20,000 but they let you rent for around 3,000 a month. You my friend have created something very unique, powerful and wonderful. I noticed this does BVH motion. Than
  3. awesome!!. I really like the cartoon style but with a dash of realism. Great work. Best one I've seen in a long time.
  4. great picture of a city, hey you should do a Wink on how you modelled the building with so many windows and such using Animation Master. I would love to see how it was done. I can never get windows in my buildings
  5. It would be cool if someone made a WINK tutorial on modelling the head. Someone a little more skilled than the rest of us. That would definatley be something great!!!!
  6. great work!! 30 minutes? wow. I hop;e you keep this up and do a whole animation.
  7. Martin!!! Thanks man, I really appreciate the words of advice and encouragement. I see Christina's work every Friday update. I love her work!!! She is way ahead of me in some areas. Thanks again for the words of encouragment and for taking the time out of your day to speak with me. As for the project, I am in it for the long haul. I have been working on it for several years already, bits and peices of differant series and such, but now I have focused on one story and only one story. I hope this time next year you will see the first episode, and I'll definately promot
  8. This was my very first attempt at doing Flog in 3d. I know it is sad and you can smell the POser off of it. What is funny is I actually modelled the head in Animation Master, exported it and pasted on a Poser body
  9. moving production to Animation Master
  10. a cool picture of Flog Maca Sainz
  11. I just wanted to add an old scene from a Flog short I was working on in the past. Please let me know what you think
  12. thanks for the comments I wanted to post another page of the day
  13. that is cool, that modeling of Kalimar was a shot I was taking. That is the extent of my modelling skills, hence I look for various others for help who have better skills. I'm more of a directo type. I have pumped some money into this project. I really would like to have it grow into a fnished product someday I really believe in it and will keep getting it done. thanks for the crits.
  14. Here was a more future story of Kalimar. I hired Carsten to do a 2nd one
  15. Okay here was my attempt at modelling Kalimar Let me know what you think. Mr. Jage I'd like to thank you for the encouragement. I was feeling like I had a booger or something with no one really posting on here. So thanks.
  16. thanks for the posts, that is so inspiring to help me keep on knowing people are interested in my project. I have not seen your work, I bet you are good or in the least will be great if you keep practicing, one of hte two. My skills are not in modeling, but it putting things together. I'm more of a director/producer than anything else. i can put stuff together pretty quickly. Since it is the weekend coming up and I won't be online I thought I'd share
  17. okay just wanted to add one more
  18. Nope you are not dreaming or anything. I meant it to sound like the song "In the Ghetto" One of my favorite songs I did a slight play of words and thought it was cool. Hope others agree especially the elvis fans. Thanks for the comments guys. I'll be posting what I have on a daily basis. I am hoping to maintain the quality in my product. I hope my animation will be just as impressive as the comic was. Could always use a hand.
  19. to be continued tomorrow!! hehehe Check back for the next few pages.
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