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  1. never seen Fantasia I suppose. Check it out sometimes, its okay, supposedly really a great film but didn't make disney much money, but it was back in the day when Disney did it for the art of animation other than the dollar.
  2. You know what? Bryce sucks! It looks so fake, I mean I have turned out some good things in Bryce and it is easy to use, but it still has a sort of fake look to it, no matter what you do with it. check out Vue D Espirit 4 or 5 www.e-onsoftware.com Looks real and just as easy to use yet looks more professional. I like all the cool camera controls. The redererer is pretty good and fast. I agree with one thing, why are you going back and forth from Lightwave and such. I would use Vue and render backgrounds and such there. Its quicker and more powerful than Bryce. Now I do understand using a 3rd party program especially for backgrounds. Its just faster. Why model everything from scratch, when you can use wonderful shortcuts to tell your story as fast as possible. I'm planning 2 similiar films. The first one will use A:M all the way through. The 2nd one will be modified Poser characters and custom made Poser characters and Vue. Simple reason being is both will be on DVD and both will show how to make a movie on almost no budget aside from a computer and cheap software. Flogtales has less characters for the first episode Kalimar on the other hand has a whole village. I'll just quickly modify several characters and make an entire village of folks, plus some custom made figures. I'll have an entire army, none of which look the same. Shortcuts are great for getting a full film done.
  3. Yeah I'm definately trying to get Carsten in on this one. Problem is after the comic we did together he has had numerous job offers and such, and working on his own comic now and he is a busy beaver. I hope we can work together again, he is a great artist. His mattes would throw this into a very professional level of movie. I can animate pretty fast and should be done in 6 months with the first 10 minutes. Hey if anyone wants in on the project, or can spread the word around we are doing this project. I'm personally fitting the cost for DVD production. Any profit though will be traded out amongst the group, based on merits, how much you put into the film type thing. Many are skeptical of the whole group collabing thing, but I am not. I've been planning this for too long, and too hard, since I was a child and now I have the means to do it. This is my life's little dream to make a movie and tell a story. Basically this project will work perfectly with a little help here and there from collabers. Most of all the other work I'm confident will get done, cause I'm doing it myself. So if anyone wants to contribute and has the skills please step up!!! I'd love to work with you.
  4. Prehistoric anything??? Eh? Well they were here before man, so the animals prior to the history of man would make them prehistoric. And who knows what happened to the dinosaurs, they ain't here anymore, meteor, flood, etc. etc. I kinda believed they went extinct later in time, that is why you have so many stories of dinosaurs, dragons, etc. But about the animation, it was awesome. I really liked it alot!!! The boat kinda sucked, cause it was not a boat, but an Ark, a big rectangular box. I guess folks like the boat better. I can let you slide on artistic liscense. That was a GREAT!! GREAT timing on the dance sequence. GREAT work!!!
  5. HEy Starwarsguy, You talking about those newgrounds cartoons I put up. Yeah that was funny. I had since corrected it with the guys who wrote that. I'm like go ahead and find those graphics on the web, just like that. Its crazy. I don't get it but Newgrounds folks are kinda weird sometimes. Thanks for viewing my old animations.
  6. Here is another picture of one of the girls. Her name is Wren, she was burned as a child so wears alot of the things to cover her.
  7. they are great ideas you have!!! I also want to share more pics of the Flogtales and Kalimar story. This is a picture from our Kalimar story also to be made into a movie online. THis was drawn by a work for hire and a good friend named Carsten. Hope you enjoy the pic. We were promoting this at comicons and such.
  8. That was a pretty descent animation. I do like who you used what you had on hand to do your story. Very good improvising using something like Bryce and putting it together with A:M. I really appreciate your work. I hope you come out with some more animations. Find out what happens to these 2. Good work. I'd work on a better lighting. Maybe you can use that skylight tool, mixed with even a Bryce background, that could work. Let us see some more from you soon.
  9. OKay I wanted to do a cool little update, well it may not be cool But I wanted to give you a feel for what is done so far, smudge gave me the idea Flog=Done Bubba Tengo=Done Wren=Done Tengo Male=Done Belcher=IN PRODUCTION Buddy=IP Kane=IP Tengo Female=IP
  10. Alba, Alba, Alba, and put her in a BC armor!!!! That would really rock.
  11. Wow!!! Great, Great work. You may want to soften up the textues, she does have a slight plastic look, especially in the eyes area. I think you should make the girls look a little more ethnic for fun. Try one that looks like Jessica Alba, Sophie Marceau, Jennifer Love Hewitt, or something like that. That would be an awesome addition to the film. Bascially I would just love to see you model someone like Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Adriana Lima, Kim Smith, Summer Altice, or other distinctive looking girl as well. That would just look so nice!! HEHEHE Your so great of an artist!!! Post this on cgtalk.com as well. See if you make front page
  12. Flog

    Stolen Child WIP

    beautiful, just beautiful, I would love to combine powers with you!!!! Please please tutorial, tutorial on the grass!!! and bushes. Are they hand painted or are they 3d models with hand painted textures. WOW !!!! WOW!!!
  13. Well TrickZ lets get busy, we'll be done with this in no time, heheheh yeah right, lol.
  14. Here is another picture of his designs for foliage
  15. You got skillz!!! I had to pimp your work at my Flog DVD post!!! Great work!!!
  16. Nah he's my lead modeller for characters He is one of my supporters. I also wanted to share some skills from another of my helpers Matrickz, you know who you are!!!
  17. You know, he does kinda look like a Lemming. Slightly differant but he does look like a lemming, hehehehe!! Looks like but not a Lemming. Especially in the body area, the head is simple and does look like it. Dang I never looked at it like that.
  18. I've been having a good streak of fortune. I do have a few collabers and ones that are dedicated. Matrickz is one as you can see. Satyajit my head modeller is another Chris my storyboarder, etc. And I do have support. Alot of the work I will do on my own, but I do want to include others in the process. This will be a successful collab. I hope to build a team and then work on a 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. Most definately I agree with you, collabing can be tough. It is tough. I am however going to finish this someway somehow Where there is a will there is a way!! Hey I also wanted to share another version of Flog
  19. Just wanted to show you some of my old animations and tests. These were more tests and half done animations I worked on for the fun of it, for practice and to learn. Don't expect the best, but I have gotten better. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/31099 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/146561 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/146408 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/37312 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/57943 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/57942
  20. Flog looks great too, Matrickz is a very dedicated person!!! I have a few dedicated folks but mainly me. I'm just looking for models but doing all myself from there unless others want in. I will keep you the progress on this project up to date. Here are some characters for another project
  21. Hey Matrickz, thanks for the ups. Your always an encouragement. Hmmm few replies, I'm sad. Do the characters suck? Well I hope you will enjoy the DVD when it is out.
  22. If anyone wants to help on the project and be a part of the dvd please let me know. I could definately use your help. Matte painter, landscape, plants and tree modeller, texturizer and materializer are needed. Anyone in the project will sign a contract and then be included in the profits. So let me know Thanks
  23. Here is my girl. Modelled by Satyajit Hope you like. She is one of the main characters
  24. Here is another picture, just a quick toon render with the character I really do need a matte painter
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