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  1. I wanted to show some work I did in comics a while back. Instead I descided to take the route into movies where I could tell the story as a comic, but also have a higher availability for future profit. This comic was drawn by a great artist named Carsten Bradley www.longhairproductions.com After this comic he has since moved to Devils' Due and other ventures for game companies and such. I wanted to share this with you as Kalimar is a character in the Flog universe and will later have his own movie. This character Kalimar is actually a villian/anti-hero in the Flog universe. I wanted to share with you guys and would love to hear what everyone thinks. I was also hoping if maybe there is an artist out there with a similiar style of art Carsten has moved into the big leagues so he is out of my price range. I was hoping to find a collaber on this project, someone with 2d skills in drawing
  2. Hey all. I just wanted to say hello
  3. I love it, leave it like it is, builds character!!
  4. darker view of the same group
  5. A few characters T standing back to back
  6. Just wanted to share a picture of Kalimar, another series we will be working on after Flog. Hope you like, it was modelled by Teyon Alexander, a friend of mine. Kalimar will have his own series but he is actually a character in Flogtales as a semi-hero/semi-villian character. The anti hero, in conflict and later in coooperation with Flog as friends.
  7. Kalimar(the guy on the mountain) was actually for another series, hopefully to follow suite of Flogtales. Thanks for the compliment. I seem to think my wife is pretty too.
  8. Just wanted to talk a little bit about production and how I will be producing the animation. For my first real venture I will be using several anime types in order to speed up the process of making a film. http://www.celshader.com/anime/ Those tricks have proved valuable on various films. I believe there are scenes, especially in talking, static, etc can have shortcuts made, although the longer the frame is shown the more quality you have to put into it. I hope to produce several small series films over the years in a similiar fashion to Clone Wars. Fast and fun!! Enjoy the article on anime.
  9. Just wanted to show you a picture of myself since I'm the creator. The pretty girl is my wife.
  10. some screen shots from older tests
  11. thanks for the support, it is your comments that help fuel the fire.
  12. It could have been creepier, but I sure did love it. Maybe something a little longer in showing hte background character. Do you happen to have any wireframes of the characters? I would love to see the characters by themselves. Thanks Shawn
  13. thanks alot!! I really appreciate the reply. The animation with all the characters was really old, some stuff I had thrown together over the years. More of a practice, but now I'm more focused and ready to rumble with these guys. The characters have been developed, I have descided on the story, and once it is done it will be serialized and ready to rumble on the web. From the first episode which will be 30 minutes, at the end you will be able to vote which character you want to see in a future series. I'm going to attempt what Cheesewarz did, 13 episodes. Wow great work. I know it can be done. I see it in 2d all the time. 3d should be a challenge but once you have the props it's all good to go. I'll keep you and everyone posted, and I sure hope it picks up more interest. Thanks again for the comments!!
  14. dude that is great!! I love her face. That expression, she is so pretty!!! Keep up the great work.
  15. Please let me know what you think? Critiques are welcome I hope you enjoy the style of the film as expressed by the finished characters (created by Ashley Jackson) I feel this style was the best to represent the story. Opinions? Oh and if anyone would like to take a crack at modellng one of them, that would be awesome. I pay to model, not much, Indie film pennies, but I do pay as an incentive and offer some percentage of movie sales. Oh by the way this is an indie film that when done will be broken down into webisodes and put on DVD.
  16. adding some more works of various characters in the series
  17. I wish I had some animation, the rigs are not what I can use to animate with, gotta find a way to fix them. Thanks for the comment. I hope you will enjoy the movie as it progresses.
  18. Wren but she will have to be revised
  19. Here is some 3d version of Flog
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