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  1. thanks Martin, It is great to see you on the forum. This project of mine has been a lot of tests and learning. I'm finally moving it all back to Animation Master with the latest. Just have to save $299 dollars up to get 11.0. I bought A:M way back in 98, it was a great program to work with and was the first program I bought. I got it from DVdirect. Unfortunately over the years I lost my serial number. I still have the old cd on my desk looking at me, and I even run it on my machine. Still works. I was going to get hte 99 dollar upgrade but alas my old cd does not work with the new software. Fortunately my old software works by typing in all 111111s as the serial. Weird but true. I did not know if you were aware of that. But yeah I plan on upgrading and moving entire production using my newer animation skills and differant techniques to Animation Master. I am going to record the whole progress of my film and put it on DVD!!! I already have tons of extras for my DVD which is cool!!! Any comments from the group, especially from you will keep me going strong.
  2. Hey all, I wanted to post some of my old animation files, that also have the character Flog in it. PLease let me know what you think, critique please. Thanks. Production will be moving from Zbrush, P4, Photoshop, Flash, Wings3d to full A:M and Photoshop, with some editing (tbd) 7 meg wait for download. It is a flash, have to wait for it to load Flog SWF Music from Inuyasha soundtrack. Please tell me what you think. Thanks
  3. here here Sineater!!! I think a problem with some films is they throw too much money at it, thinking it will make it better (ala Lucas) But the heart of the film needs to be there, something no amount of money will be able fix. Zemekis has made some classic movies and with half the money. I don't know, it just seems that he threw money at something. I am so happy though that us Indie animators do not need tons of money to make something beautiful. Less money but hopefully more heart.
  4. Well we will have to see when Casshern gets here. I'm sure it grossed at least 6 million when opening up in Japan. Dreamworks has a hold of it now, so we'll have to see what they do with it. I do think the money was vaporized. That film although great could have been done at 1/2-1/4th the cost and look just as good. Finding Nemo= 90 million production 40 million=marketing=130 million Polar Express 270 million(production and marketing) WOW!!! I remember hearing on Rush Hour 2 DVD Jackie Chan making fun of US movie making. He said he could have made 5 Chinese movies for the price of 1 of the set builds. I am however working on my track record, and I guess I would like a ton of money thrown at me. LOL I'll use have and pocket the other half for my team and I. hehehe Well I'm off to give this movie a shot!!! Polar Express here I come.
  5. Please move or delete this post
  6. I'm sure Polar Express is good. However it is a case of spending way to much money on something that could have been done on 1/4th the cost. I mean that is absurd, and when movies like this flop, it makes investors even more careful. I just think the budget was ridiculous. It has already flopped at box office. I mean $270 million budget on this film. Seriously that is just a shame. How many CG films could have been made with that money. Whoever tossed out that much money I want to get a hold of them and ask for 10 million for my film. LOL. Any animators and artists want to split 10 million dollars 20 ways? Casshern is a fully digital movie and cost 6 million US dollars to make. It has live actors and cost 6 million dollars in comparison to this cg movie that cost 270 million. 1 quarter of a billion dollars to make 1 movie. Yet some of the greatest movies of all time were made with a 35-75 million budget.
  7. I was being lazy and just writing in generals and using an example. I know what went into making a movie, but in a nutshell he did in fact do that. WE don't have to go into specifics and details on everything, it was just a quick thought
  8. Exactly!!! We just need to find contacts who'll put 50,000 to a 1 million into us and we could definately get something done and pay for itself in no time. Anyone have some contacts we can get this thing started. I've already gotten prices, I have 200,000 and I can get my film the way I want it done completely, quality and everything. Amount of characters and the full 90 minutes. Someone throw me a bone, lol. I'm going to do like Sam Raimi did when making Army of Darkness or the pre-movie to that one. He just sent out mail to all the rich folks in the area looking for funding. ..... Hmmm if they will throw 165,000 at Zemekis for this, hmmmm?
  9. I was just noticing that it took 165 million dollars to make the recent "Polar Express" aka "Children of the Corn Go on a Train Trip" or "Zombie Express" Now just thinking ahead I feel that movie opening weekend will gross 12 million tops this opening weekend. I hope they prove me wrong. But really do you think it will do that well. I always wondered where people get there funding to make these things? Can you only imagine taking 165 million and splitting it on this website among 20 or 30 small groups. How many movies of similiar quality could be made. I mean seriously I wish we had a large animation fund where we could split it up. If only Hollywood would take a smaller risk and give the money to those like us on this forum to make a film What could you do with 1-5 million dollars in 4 years? Seriously it seems the more technology there is the more expensive things get. I thought 3d would be cheaper. How does Hollywood explain these prices? Oh well, just a thought wishing they would give me 1 peice of that million and see what we could do. That would be awesome. Take 10 of the best HASH users, pay them 100,000 each and give them 1 year and I bet they could match this easily. Just my rant 12 million is my guess on opening weekend 39 million through it's stay at the box office. My second guess is 20 million and overall box office 52. Don't ask me how or why I think this but let us see how close. ADMIN I put this in the wrong forum, can you put it over to the general
  10. Do you have any character sheets on this? Character sheets would be awesome give us more feel for the show
  11. Dude you are definately ready for the Discovery Channel or possibly the Sci Fi channel. Nice smooth animation, and the sound was great. I think realistic animation however is a gamble. This may very well fit in at SCI Fi easily. It is better than half of the stuff they have.
  12. Tony Lower Basch is the person who did it. Hey Smudge!! I would pimp your work as well cause I just love it. Yeah I saw that on AM films, but he has another one!! YAY!!! Did you notice there is a part 2, and it is 30 minutes long. That is awesome. I mean the animation is not the greatest, but it has a quaint feeling to it, plus its a finished peice which is really awesome. A whole 30 minute episode, that rocks!!! Nice story. Dude you are awesome. People like you and smudge are an inspiration. Great work. I applaud you!!
  13. http://www.museoffire.com/Nosferatu/ Why he didn't post this yet is unknown but searching around I found this animation. The artist's first animation is on AM films, but this one is a mind boggling 30 minutes long. WOW!!! We need more of him around. Great work and I enjoyed it!!! I want to see more of your work 30 minutes. Who said a film should take 20 years and never get done. He proved that theory wrong. Great job to whoemever made this animation
  14. You are a great animator!! That is all I have to say. Are you making a movie? I'd love to see you make a movie.
  15. Current update: Currently I'm working on the outline for the "HOW TO PORTION" of the movie. You see the major part of the dvd is how a "Low talented guy" (in the modelling and drawing department) can make a movie with a slight budget and powerful software, and a good story. It is especially geared for those folks who want to tell a story but just don't have the ultimate modelling and rigging skills of the pros. And how to make a movie on a budget. Much of the video is commentary on how we created the video, how contacts and helping hands were found, etc. And how it could been done in a super budget!!! There are going to be special rotoscope scenes, where my friends and I will act out the cartoon and copy movements for animation. How I searched for voice talent, etc. I really wanted to make a video that would inspire more filmakers. I think the low production small teams thing is the way to go in the future, and a way folks can make a living doing what the love, instead of the evil day job of doom. Because personally I want to stop being the Corporate Slave by Day and Animator by night. I want to be the animator by day and a sleeper at night and make a living on my own characters, dreams and STORIES!!!! I appreciate all the replies on my project as this keeps me encouraged.
  16. Here are screeshots of my comic, created by me, designed by me, written by me and drawn by Master C himself. We are in negotiations for him to be my Matte painter, yay.
  17. Here is a screenshot of a storyboard background. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  18. some old screenshots from my flash animations
  19. wanted to share more work from Carsten
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