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  1. i took sound card out running on board sound i think sound card was problem Security Update for Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package (KB2565063) Security Update for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package (KB2538243) had to click tab in picture to get these up dates otherwise it looked up to date Windows 10 strange these updates were in game install the would not even load in till i clicked tab and update threw Windows
  2. still testing came down with this sound card could this cause problem.had this come up have problem with sound go to trouble shoot to fix .clicked trouble shoot sound did its thing and then took me to blue screen said PC problem click to fix did its fix. It is the oldest hardware in my computer . could this cause crash.creative x-fi fatality pro pci-e this card was not cheap one of the top line sound cards. windows 10 seems to not like this old card worked fine with other windows program.is there a way to test hard drive.I want to try make sure i have tested every thing that i can test.So i will not have this problem happen again.i have not run a game yet to make sound card work hard.getting to that today.re installing Battle Field 1 today this should push computer pretty hard. this is all fresh install yes i put windows 10 drivers in for sound card from creative site but not all worked like it did with windows 7 I never got this sound not working issue till this fresh install its working now lets see if i crash it today
  3. I have done Test with memtest86.com 15 hrs 4 pass no problems with 24 gig mem. Made sure I have 1607 update installed video card drivers up to date GTX 770 Thank you for help
  4. I had no problems with win 7 just got sick of win 10 self install do not no were the heck win 7 disk is.I did buy win 10 and it ran better since it was not upgrade from 7.till these crashes to me this windows 10 is just a bit better then the crappy windows vista that was the worst windows program i have ever had
  5. I did memory diagnostic test 3 times no problems detected I do have friend wanting me to keep at this they have offered to help me out.Just do not want to get v18 right yet if v19 is it coming out soon a friend came to visit tonight and asked me why are not on computer. I explained why. he said can not have that happen.Said he will buy me 1 year subscription gave me the money right away . most of the time i have to get of program to visit with them. I am blessed to have a friend like that
  6. Sorry for the rage all.Windows 10 installed and updated lost my cool .I just enjoy working with A.M. so much I blew a stack I still will not bug for A.M for short time I have left with my Year Subscription of program. A.M was the thing to keep mind occupied .and not dwell on my problem I am of work do to old injury its only been 2 months so i have low funds this so hard to get use to not working every day. Thanks again
  7. I just like to thank everyone here for there help. I will not be getting A.M software again nothing wrong with it but I Am so AT lose right now.just crushed me this is the second time windows 10 has done this. blue screen of death i lost all my new work Again. My year is almost done so no point in bothering someone to get it A.M back. Guess I will Wait till Windows comes out with some new crap and try again then. I DO NOT LIKE WINDOWS 10 it is Garbage A.M is the Best Animation Software love it But can not handle The lose of work got it all working again did repair since i lost all i might as well do a fresh installe of windows 10 crap so it can crash fresh again Thanks for All your Help
  8. here is what i have been tinkering with put some muscle def in arms legs .still working out a few more thoughts.This is all i guess you can call it free hand no rotoscope no drawing.
  9. just for kicks this was 256 pass it took 3.5 min.Thanks for the warning this is a very large section of fence.I had slowdown building this section of fence I have the fence as its own model not part of the Octagon
  10. Thank you I started modeling fence here is what I got done
  11. i was watching the UFC and tought about making A MMA Octagon. was looking for how to make chain link fence i could not find any thing.Is this possible. this is what i have got done
  12. i just got mine back.do not get up tight if you do not get email back right away.It takes time not long.But you will get it back
  13. well its not freezing any more but have look now strang Thank you Desktop 12.13.2016 -
  14. its still doing it."Help/Reset Settings"done Was fine last night.think i may need clean install of A.M again . no virus/all other programs working fine/video card drivers up to date GTX 770 works fine while playing Battlefield 1 I try later again Thank you
  15. here is video of what is going I probably hit a button .but can not figure it out it is freezing up anything I do in Shaded wire frame Desktop 12.13.2016 -
  16. I have run into a problem i just can not figure out with left arm it wants to tuck in useing run action, can not figure out what I Have done wrong,Will Some nice person here have a look to see what I messed up.And tell me how to fix this Please Thank you I do have A,M Community runing While I am working on Projects Again. I will keep runing A.M Comunity. I Used this when i first started to work with A.M Version 11.0.. It is kinda quiet now. Name Maniac-Terry Start CP Weights Willy Boned3.mdl
  17. Run.mp4 Thank you here is what i got done so far. playing with CP Weight
  18. Willy.avi half Willy bone.mdl I am trying to rig for first time the shoulders i am having problems with. can someone please take a look at this.point out what i have done wrong just put 2001 skeleton in
  19. I am doing Dye Sublimation I have no screen printing background, Thank you Rodney.i am going to get at that
  20. I have a few thoughts I am working on a A Broken hole in a solid smooth object like Ceramic/Dry Wall/Glass Thinking how can I make Exploding hole in Animation Master.is there any reference to read how to go about this here is what i got done in vector image so far. thank you
  21. Thank you are first to notice"equestrian".it is fixed.This was all test stuff.trying to learn different applications
  22. been working on Dye Sublimation. Updated computer so i still have to get Animation master back. Will be using Animation master for projects as well Just thought I would share Video is rough Thank you https://youtu.be/inicJyCjwtk
  23. https://youtu.be/12gn7OO_D8g This is the video I got sound from. This is how I want this model to go around track
  24. not very good at this just testing things out ​ car sound.mp4
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