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  1. here is my Camp fuel Lantern I am working on
  2. Got this sticker set on line site is 4keyboard the quality standard .I have bought So I made a reference picture in XARA of keyboard shortcuts. Hope this will help some new user. Thanks all for help
  3. I have this old reference Keyboard shortcuts are they all still the same in V18
  4. It has been a while since I have used A.M. so I decided to work on this project Talk about A sweat box project I have a tone of hours into this plane. Since I am very slow at this LOL. Thinking if I knew how to make my decals like Robcat Simple Barrel with decals bump maps ect for the plane plates and rivets on hole plane. But do not no how make my decals into bump maps ect I think its a very important to learns this Can someone Please point me in the right direction or help me out Thank you I do own Adobe Photoshop Extended CS6
  5. Maniac


    it is modelled in 3D Thanks all
  6. Maniac


    Here is a Logo I Designed for a friend its been a few years but I am Back
  7. I am Back 20016 its been a few years I really Need to Buy The Disc

  8. my subscription to A.M ran out.I was wondering if is possible to make a metallic paint texture. If so can someone please make me a metallic blue ,red ,green render it in jpeg 1080p this is for a template for a car simulator game. You can do custom paint jobs on the models with photo shop. thank you here is car I have done all ready
  9. all i can say is wow very nice
  10. made this video to show a few friends what i have made with Animation Master. thought i would share this with you all.
  11. Well that was very hard to choose 1. Great work all you are all winners in my eyes
  12. I will be voteing. can not wait to see all the amazing work.
  13. Thank for your advise. sorry did not get back to forum sooner but work is keeping me pretty busy. Made a few changes made foot Changed nose removed tusks as you thought they were .they were going to be feelers very flexable move while walk .I removed them gave him no spikes thinking of putting wings on him?
  14. Thank you all for your help and time. This is the best place to learn everybody here is so helpful this is what he looks like now still working on him want to put suction cups on bottom of feet and 1or2 small suction cups in palm of hands
  15. sorry forgot to ask this question this is what halted me. How to make all wrinkles on upper and lower eye lids few in belly/chin on body.do I use baked surface or make with splines patches.
  16. I have been working on this out of my head .I was going to sketch out pose of front,side top but thought to myself I no what I want so go at it see what happens. this is what I have so far.I have a few questions.First is the patch splines all right for rigging. The hands is there way to many splines/patches to rig .I really do not no what I am doing with this . Third stab at this Type modeling.I Have done mostly mechanical modeling. Thank you for the help in advance
  17. very good Marcos man your like the roadrunner of modeling fast fast fast lol.
  18. Got some free time here is cockpit progress. Thanks all
  19. a bit more work done. Back to a busy work schedule damn work lol.so project goes on hold will update again but not soon
  20. I like that really nice work
  21. Thank you Rodney for the help This is a update of what I have done
  22. I have been playing with decals and I have a question should I rig the landing gear have it in landing gear up then decal bottom of wing or Use a decal just for the landing skirt while landing gear is down I have not rig the plane yet I have to learn how to first
  23. very nice the detail really impressive on both
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